Life lessons from Alia Bhatt's character in 'Dear Zindagi'
Life lessons from Alia Bhatt's character in 'Dear Zindagi'

Recently we saw Alia Bhatt playing a reclusive character in Dear Zindagi. Once you come out of the movie theater, you too feel like making the changes to your life like Alia’s character did in the movie. So what have we really learnt from this movie?
Not that Alia could not forge relationships. She could, however not maintain relationships.
This tendency of not being able to hold on to relationships stems from her childhood insecurity of dealing with her parent’s abandonment of her.
It is a well-established fact that almost all our cognitive and behavioral skills are learned in early childhood. As we progress towards teenage and later on to adulthood, it is these same set of behavioral skills that we carry forward.
Alia Bhatt portrays a complex character with finesse. As the story unravels, we realize that all her childhood fears haunt her in her adult life, making it impossible for her to give herself completely to her partner. Alia reveals in the movie that the main reason she can’t be with a guy is because she doesn’t feel “safe” with him. She is distrustful of other people’s overtures and is constantly shown as having a mental block to new ideas or people and cannot relinquish control.
All this changes when she meets Dr. Jehangir ‘Jug’ Khan played by Shah Rukh Khan.
Slowly but steadily she lets go of her fears and presumptions. So much so that she even starts taking a liking to her doctor! and why does she fall for him? Because Jehangir is the “safe” guy here. She can reveal anything and everything to him and he doesn’t judge her on whatever she has done so far. This, even though she’s a self-confessed patron of tall and handsome men, which is so unlike Jug’s persona.
Jug, on his part, draws out his muse from her dark past and allows her to embrace the future with more optimism, vigor, and hope.
Though Jug likes her too, (creaking chair which is a symbol of unrequited love) he lets her free as he realizes she’s too precious to hold on to and also due to professional reasons.
Alia finally breaks her shackles, buries the past and towards the end, we can see that she shows interest in Aditya Roy Kapur who is an epitome of the ‘tall and handsome’ partner she seeks.
All in all, the psychological aspect of Alia’s complex character is aptly sketched throughout the movie.

So basically the conclusion is, let go of your fears! Don’t let the past haunt you so much that you spoil your present and future because of it. And most importantly, its ok to try many ‘Kursi’ till you find the one that’s perfect!

What’s your take on this? Do let us know!


  1. This is so awesome article and I love this movie so much. I too have some relatable problems in life. Want some help.


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