Latest updates and rumors about Snyder's next work: Army of the Dead
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Zack Snyder was the talk of the town after leaving the Man of Steel project unfinished. Now, he is ready for a big comeback, wherein he will direct a zombie/heist film with an upright budget. The movie “Army of the Death” will not be a sequel of his previous work entitled “Dawn of the Dead.”

Everything We Know About “Army of the Dead” – Zack Snyder Back It Again

Zack Snyder prepares for a huge comeback, and it involves zombies. Snyder had his break in 2004 after the remake of the Dawn of the Dead. It’s a classic of George A. Romero. Now, this director, who did the remake is returning with a new film entitled “Army of the Dead.” It’s a combination of heist and zombie film, and it will be available on Netflix this year. Moreover, this movie comes with a reputable budget, along with an exceptional cast.

The Dawn of the Dead film had a brutal streak, making it lean. It also has a memorable opening scene for horror movies.

On the other hand, the Army of the Dead will not be a sequel to the Dawn of the Dead. However, it will make it a comeback for Snyder in the zombie genre. The new film is unlike the previous work of the director. There will be a little tweak, yet it will not be less mean.

         How Zack could connect Zombies with casino tables

In the film, Las Vegas is on the lockdown. Nobody can enter or exit the city because of the zombie virus that took over the city. A former casino owner, who has money locked in a safe inside a casino in the city decides to hire a group of fighters to sneak into the city, reach the casino and take the money from the safe. Zack Snyder reportedly visited many casinos across the United States and Canada to be able to create an authentic casino world with slots, poker tables, and other gambling machines. The atmosphere and the setting are crucial for zombie horror movies. The casino world seemed to be an interesting and not widely explored setting for the genre. Therefore, getting to know the casino world as best as possible and creating the set that can serve the story, be realistic and satisfy the fans, especially those who are well acquainted with the environment of gambling places was an important part of creating the movie. Cast says that the atmosphere is perfectly caught by Zack. In the first five minutes of the movie, we will see the actual atmosphere for casino building as we see people gambling on the roulette table while back there you’ll see computers that allow players to play roulette online. Not only roulette but there will be visible slot machines and different offline game tables.

Snyder shared a little about the Army of the Dead film to provide viewers with what to anticipate. The movie will have principal photography, thanks to his experience in the industry. After leaving the Justice League movie in 2017, his expertise in assisting DC Extended Universe helped a lot while improving skills. He departed the project after a family tragedy. However, DC movies were able to recover despite his absence.

Snyder penned the script of the Army of the Dead, along with Shay Hatten from John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum and Joby Harold in King Arthur: Legend of the Sword. The production confirms that the script is not a sequel of the Dawn of the Dead. Furthermore, the script comes with edgy and harsh elements.

The cast of the Army of the Dead includes Omari Hardwick from Power, Chis D’Elia from Undateable, Garret Dillahunt from Fear the Walking Dead, and Ella Purnell from Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children. It also includes Hiroyuki Sanada from Westworld, Nora Arnezeder from Mozart in the Jungle, Chelsea Edmundson from Midnight, Texas, Samantha Win from Wonder Woman, Raul Castillo from Knives Out, and Robbie DeRaffele from Uncut Gems.

  Michael Shannon Disappointed by Zack Snyder’s DCEU Exit

When Zack Snyder left DCEU, Michael Shannon replaced him for the movie Man of Steel. After directing Man of Steel before returning for Justice League and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. After his exit, Joss Whedon finished the film, wherein there were changes in the original story of Snyder.

Shannon shared his thoughts on the departure of Snyder, sharing how he loves working with him, and how it saddens him.

Shannon also shared that Snyder had some hardships. Moreover, he said that his departure was a shame because he thinks that the vision of Snyder for the movie was unbelievable.


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