Kick Mask poster
Kick Mask poster

Kick Box Office Prediction : Salman Khan’s biggest movie till date to get a record breaking opening at Box Office

With just one day to go for the release of the most awaited movie of the year i.e. Salman Khan’s Kick, we at Blog to Bollywood have a discussion on how much Eidi will Salman Khan take away this Eid. Well, its always fun to predict the Box Office collection of the Bollywood movies having big stars and momentous budget.

Salman Khan always play in big numbers. Its like crossing 100 crores is just a formality for his movies. The actor is in top notch since Wanted which was released on Eid in 2009. He has garnered around 650 crores at Box Office with his last 5 releases. So, the expectations are always huge from the most wanted actor of Bollywood.

With Kick, the actor seems to make even bigger at Box Office. Salman Khan movie releases have always been grand at Box Office. Plus the movie is releasing on Eid. Hence, expect an earth shattering opening at Box Office. Box Office records will be at stake as there is a huge hype all around and Salman fans are all ready to get the Kick.

Kick Box Office Prediction : What to expect on the opening day

There is no doubt that Kick is the most awaited movie of 2014. I haven’t seen such hype and craze before any release. The combination of Eid and Salman have always been lethal at Box Office and this time it seems no exception. Most of the trade analyst are predicting that it would be difficult for Kick to surpass the opening day record of Dhoom 3 which is 36.22 crores. According to most of the trade pandits, the opening day Box Office collection would be around 30 crores. I have a different opinion on this. Since, the movie is releasing on over 4400 screens(probably the biggest release) it has the potential to earn more than 36 crores on the first day considering that the movie will take 90% opening occupancy at Box Office.

Kick Box Office Prediction : Salman to rock Box Office again
Salman Khan in Kick

Kick Box Office Prediction : Will it surpass the Lifetime collections of Dhoom 3

Considering the hype and buzz the movie has made before its release, it would not be difficult for the movie to cross 150 crores at Box Office. Kick is releasing on normal weekend with no holidays. It will be Eid on 29 July 2014 and one can expect Highest Single Day Box Office collection to be shattered on this day. Well, the word of mouth doesn’t really make any difference for Salman Khan movies. Even if the content is below par Kick should easily collect around 200 crores at Box Office. In case, the content is good or excellent sky is the limit for this film and it can easily challenge lifetime collections of Dhoom 3.

Bring on Salman. We are ready to get the Kick this Eid.

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