Karle Pyaar Karle movie still
Karle Pyaar Karle movie still

Karle Pyar Karle Movie Review – A Sure Epic Disaster

Karle Pyar Karle released this Friday (Jan 17) which had generated some buzz mainly due to the tag of producer Suneel Darshan who was making a comeback after a long break. But, you will be shocked to witness this cinematic venture which is just  non-sense from start to finish. Everything is disgusting including direction, production values, dialogues and character performances.

Let’s dig a little deeper into Karle Pyar Karle with our Karle Pyar Karle Movie Review.

Story and Direction:

The story setup will give you a feeling as if you are watching a film which was completed in the 90s but released in 2014. It revolves around Kabir (Shiv Darshan) and Preet (Hasleen Kaur). They are childhood friernds who love playing daring games. They meet in college after years gap and soon fall in love but soon comes a predictable twist as Preet’s arogant ex-boyfriend  comes in their way. From here a series of boring events forms the crux of the film.

Starting from plot which has no depth in it, is equally well complemented by poor direction from the debutant Rajesh Panday. It is very hard to believe we are watching a Suneel Darshan film who gave great entertainers like Jaanvar and Andaaz in the past.

Character Performances

Debutant Hasleen Kaur was the only one who did some justice to her role but still she needs much improvement. Shiv Darshan disappointed everybody with his expressionless act as the movie was made to launch him by his father Suneel Darshan. Rest of of the star cast was ignorable.


After such trauma, music was the only hope but that too is uninteresting and boring. Only the title track and Teri Saanson Mein are worth listening. Other songs such as ‘Tanhai’, ‘O Darling’, ‘Sona Sona Akkha Nu’ and ‘Kurban’ are below average.

Watch it for : 

Hardly anything except for few songs.

Skip karle Pyar Karle for :

No plot, disgraceful direction, silly dialogues and lifeless character performances

karle Pyar Karle Movie Review Verdict

karle Pyar Karle is a sure epic disaster and even Mr Joe B Carvalho was better than this. Dont go for it, not by a chance or mistake.

karle Pyar Karle Movie Rating

  • 0.5/5

karle Pyar Karle Movie Details

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