Kareena rejected Saif's proposals twice!
Kareena rejected Saif's proposals twice!

Kareena revealed in a candid interview recently, that she rejected Saif’s proposals twice before getting married! Apparently, they were on a trip and Saifu proposed her in Paris just like his Dad the late Mansoor Ali Khan had proposed Sharmila Tagore during the shooting of ‘Evening in Paris’.

Kareena said, “He proposed to me a couple of times in Paris. Even his father had proposed to his mother in Paris when she was shooting for Evening In Paris.” However, the Nawab didn’t go down on his knees. Bebo answers, “No, that’s just the image that he has, but he’s far from that. I think he’s charming, but he’s not going down on his knees. We were at the Ritz Hotel at the bar, I think I said no and then there was one more time, in the same trip, and when we were at the Notre Dame Church. I was just like let’s not talk about it. Because I was into my career and I was like, “let me think about it” but two days later I was like “Yeah!”

Kareena Kapoor was in live-in relationship with Saif for 5 years before getting married.

The Mommy-to-be, who’s expecting her first child with husband Saif in December this year, also revealed that when she broke out the news about her pregnancy, Saif said, ”I love you more, pregnant” and also how Saif joked about naming their baby ‘Saifeena’.

Looks like the Nawab and Begum are truly excited for their bundle of joy!


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