Karan Johar's Statements about his upcoming biography 'An Unsuitable Boy'
Karan Johar on his biography 'An Unsuitable Boy'

Karan Johar has made many films on sensitive topics like My Name Is Khan, Dostana and he has tasted the ugly side of it. He tells about it all in ‘An Unsuitable Boy’.

Recently in a conversation with author Shobha De and his biographer Poonam Saxena, Karan Johar talked about his soon-to-be-released biography ‘An Unsuitable Boy’. During the interview, he seemed disappointed and to some extents suffocated also and stated that he often felt bound. He feels a freedom of expression and democracy are the biggest jokes in the world.

Here are some more statements Karan made during the conversation-

~ You can change the way the governance works, but how do you change the sensibility of the average man in the house, it doesn’t matter what bill you pass and what dharna you do until the DNA or the mental fabric (of society) changes.

~ I have become some kind of an FIR king. (in reference to the AIB roast controversy)

~ I feel bound on every level, be it what I put out on the celluloid or what I say in print. I feel like there is always some kind of a legal notice awaiting me everywhere I go.

~ We are in a tough country and to speak about one’s personal life in today’s time can land you in jail.

Karan’s biography will be full of many such blasting statements and many revelations about his life and career.

Will you be getting your hands on his biography as soon as it releases?