Kangana Ranaut to play pregnant girlfriend in Katti Batti co-starring Imran Khan
Imran-Kangana will be seen together in Nikhil Advani's "Katti Batti"

Kangana Ranaut to play pregnant girlfriend in Katti Batti co-starring Imran Khan

Queen Kangana Ranaut loves to experiment as an actor and the news buzz is she will be playing a pregnant girlfriend in Nikhil Advani’s directorial Katti Batti which will star Imran Khan opposite her. The film will be scripted by Anshul Singhal, an IITian, who has has also gone through the same phase.

When Payal (Kangana) breaks the news of pregnancy to her live-in partner Maddy (Imran Khan), he says, “Let’s get married?” to which Payal replies “Why? Because I’m pregnant? So what’s the big deal!”

Maddy is a middle class guy from Pune and falls in love with Payal who is from a rich Delhi family. The film is based on the couple’s live-in relationship which later hits on a rough patch. This plot will definitely remind u of Salaam Namaste starring Saif Ali Khan and Preity Zinta. However, director Nikhil points out,

Our story is rooted in and unfolds in urban India and that’s the big difference. Maddy and Payal meet in an art school in Mumbai and then fall for each other leading to live-in relationship.”

The film was initially titled “Saali Kutiya”. Nikhil claims, “I agreed to do the film just on the basis of the original title, “Saali Kutiya: A Love Story “. The censors would have never passed it, so we changed it to Katti Batti. But I have retained Anshul’s modern take on an age-old institution. It reflects the fact that Indian women today are confident, progressive, empowered and ready to take chances.”

Nikhil says, he wanted only Imran Khan and Kangana Ranaut to play the roles and he is happy that they are doing the film,

 “After the narration, we sat together for three hours discussing details of the character. I could see that Kangana was as excited as I was” says Nikhil.

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