Kalki Koechlin sends the message out loud with her poem ‘The Printing Machine’

It just happened that I come across a video ‘The Printing Machine‘, gradually getting viral over the internet. The video is a murmur yet with a rattling message which can be heard very clearly about our society, a message so deep and profound. A message that will take you into the great shadows of infuriating indifferences of our world, a message worth defining the structure of our neighbourhood.

The video embraces Kalki Koechlin on YouTube fashion channel Blushperforming a self-written poem titled ‘The Printing Machine‘ is a harmonious satire against magazines, social media and newspapers. The video displays in an abstract form yet very crisp over thoughts on the crimes that continue to troll while headlines keep on rolling with a commotion.

You should watch the video for the message it holds and to witness Kalki’s expressions in every punch will certainly give you some jolt.


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