John Abra
John Abraham is proud of Surgical Strikes and more at the 'Force 2' trailer Launch

Yesterday, the macho hunk was at his upcoming action flick ‘Force 2’ trailer launch in Mumbai.
The actor was present at the event with his female lead in the movie – Sonakshi Sinha. The hunky star spoke on series of topics from the surgical strikes carried by the Indian army to the Pakistani artists controversy and his movie ‘Force 2’.

When asked about his comments on the Surgical Strike in Pakistan by the Indian army, John said he is very proud of what the army has done.

“We are proud, we should have done this earlier. I am talking about LoC. It’s high time we respond to terrorism. As a country we are very tolerant and I think we should put our foot down and show what India can do,” John said.

John’s female lead in ‘Force 2’ also retorted to a similar statement. “Thank you that they took this big step. Like John said, it is need of the hour. I am happy it is happening. We are all citizens of our country” she said.

However, the hunky star refused to comment on the ongoing MNS-Pakistani actors controversy. John simply said, “We will talk about Force 2.”

When asked about why does he think Pakistani actors refrain from commenting anything on attacks that happened in India, John said “It is important (to see) what we do, we are not in a position to judge what others do and don’t do. We can speak for ourselves, Sonakshi can speak for what emotions she goes through and what emotion I go through. We can solely give our opinion.” John adds, “I feel fortunate to be part of industry to promote and express our solidarity with our country and for the soldiers who are true heroes of this country,”

Talking about his films, John said he wants to do different films after ‘Force 2’ as he feels he has done enough action this year with Rocky Handsome, Dishoom and Force 2. “I am trying to do something different after Force 2. However, I love doing action movies. It is like second nature to me, but I don’t want to do a destructive role. I like comedy as well, especially slapstick comedy.” revealed John.

Talking further, John also spoke on the injury he went through while on the sets. “I damaged my knee while doing a rooftop shot. After that in Hungary, I had to do two knee surgeries. Whenever I had to sit in a car, someone had to hold and put my leg in the car. I couldn’t even move it. When I came to Mumbai, I did one more surgery,” the 43-year-old said. “But at the end of the day, the outcome was good. Doing action is really difficult, but it is fun for me,” he added.

Talking about the movie’s plot, John says that the audience will be shocked at the end of the film. “Along with the power element, the film also has a strong story. The film is dedicated to the heroes who lost their lives to serve the country and also based on some true events. So, by the end of the film, you will be shocked” added John.

Directed by Abhinay Deo, the action thriller stars John Abraham, Sonakshi Sinha and Tahir Raj Bhasin of ‘Mardaani’ fame. ‘Force 2’ will release on 18th November this year.