#JioRemoveSRK Is Trending On Twitter: Know The Reason Behind The Protest
#JioRemoveSRK Is Trending On Twitter: Know The Reason Behind The Protest

The words you speak can change your life forever and this is what SRK must be thinking right now. It is a well-known fact that SRK has been appointed the brand ambassador for Jio mobile services. Well, the things are not looking good for the superstar as he is facing hard protest on twitter. SRK remarks on intolerance are still fresh in the minds of the people and it seems they are in no mood to forgive the actor. #JioRemoveSRK is trending on twitter and the twiteratti is requesting Mukesh Ambani to remove SRK as the brand ambassador. Have a look at some tweets on the same.

Let me remind you, such protest also happened against Aamir Khan and he was removed as a brand ambassador of Snapdeal. Well, the ball is in Mukesh Ambani’s court now as this protest doesn’t seem to be ending soon.

What are your views on the above story? Do you think SRK should be removed as Jio ambassador? Share your views with us in the comments section.

Image Source: Twitter



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