Jai Ho Second Tuesday Collections | Box Office Collections (12 Days)

jai ho movie poster salman khan
jai ho movie poster salman khan

Jai Ho Second Tuesday Collections : Twelfth Day Update

Jai Ho Second Tuesday Collections / Jai Ho Twelfth day collections were close to 1.2 Crores; thus continuing the Second Week day collections for Jai Ho. With Second Tuesday, Jai Ho hopes to gather some final bucks before halting to long list of flicks scheduled in february.

The public responses even though good was unable to do much for the movie. Therefore, the decline in collections for Jai Ho is increasing at a higher pace than expected.

Jai Ho appears to be a Salman’s way of cherishing his own persona. Read the movie review here : Jai Ho Movie Review . As already told, we rarely receive a message saying Jai Ho as bad. Everyone has said Jai Ho is a better movie than previous Salman Khan grosser.

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Jai Ho was able to gross around 1.2 crores on its Twelfth day i.e.. Second Tuesday, Making Jai Ho overall box office collections just touching 105 Crores. However it seems a bit unjustified for Salman Khan, It has been a pure grosser without much tactics.

Lets have a look at how Jai Ho grossed on Second Tuesday.

Jai Ho Second Tuesday Collection

Jai Ho Second Tuesday/ Twelfth  Day Collections were as follows :

  • Twelfth Day Collection :  1.2 Crores (approx)

Jai Ho Box Office Collections & Day to Day Update (Tuesday Update)

[box title=”Jai Ho Total Box Office Collections (Twelfth Days )” style=”noise” box_color=”#a76c47″ radius=”5″] [spoiler title=”Day By Day Collections (Click to expand)” style=”fancy”]
  • First Day (Friday) : 17.55 Crores
  • Second day (Saturday) : 16.25 Crores
  • Third Day (Sunday) : 26.25 Crores
  • Fourth Day (Monday) : 9.5 Crores
  • Fifth Day ( tuesday) : 8.7 Crores
  • Sixth Day (Wednesday) : 5.8 Crores
  • Seventh Day (Thursday) : 5.3 Crores
  • Eighth Day (Second Friday) : 3 Crores
  • Ninth Day (Second Saturday) : 4.2 Crores
  • Tenth Day (Second Sunday) : 6 Crores
  • Eleventh Day (Second Monday) : 1.5 Crores*
  • Twelfth Day (Second Tuesday) : 1.2 Crores*
  • Opening Day Collection : 17.5 Crores
  • First Weekend : 60.68 Crores
  • Highest Day : 26.25 Crores ( Sunday)
  • First Week : 89.35 Crores
  • Second Weekend : 13.2 Crores
  • Second Week : 15.7 Crores*
  • Overall : 105.25 Crores* (so far)


Jai Ho Second Tuesday Collections | Box Office Collections (12 Days)
Jai Ho Second Tuesday Collections | Box Office Collections (12 Days)

Jai Ho Movie Details

[box title=”Jai Ho Movie Details ” style=”noise” box_color=”#a76c47″ radius=”5″] [/box]

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  1. Exactly, Judging a movie based on just the gross collections can be so wrong at times. We have to look at the facts too.

    Well Written Sonu.

  2. Lets look at the facts straight:

    1. This was a non holiday release – So the figure is quite convincing
    2. No hike in ticket price – Else we should add up 42% in its earning, If it is 103 crores, lets say its 144 crore if the ticket prices were same as Dhoom-3 or Chennai Express.
    3. EROS had been strictly instructed not to manipulate the collection figures no matter what. If it is manipulated, it drives others to go and watch the movie.
    4. Piracy released on youtube on the 3rd day of release has hit the film’s business big time. Its estimated as 12-14 crore by Taran Adarsh. So if we consider all the factors, it may have touched approx 160 crores in 10 days which is not really bad being a non-holiday release.

    On top of all, the fifth day itself, media started telecasting their special report and program titled “Flop Movie” which has further affected the business. Unlike other so called stupid King khan, whose film does not do too good but they term it as a big hit by mouth and even acquire 30 mins slot on all award functions and ensure to get it included in the nominations. Karan Johar can surely agree to this fact if he wishes to be honest.

    Overall a superb movie with great social message. But as we all know some “overactors” get the media hype and awards by doing “chaplusi” and “influences”. Rest of the people should feel happy for someone who has always been honest and a nice human being thru “being human”.



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