Jai Ho Democracy Movie Trailer Review: Promising Political Satire
Jai Ho Democracy

If I start by telling you that the film whose trailer we are about to discuss has been written and directed by the same person who wrote the timeless classic satire Jaane Bhi Do Yaaro, I am more than sure that I have piqued your interest enough. Yes, this is a comeback of sorts for Director Ranjit Kapoor.
Jai Ho Democracy looks like another satire and this time we are directly aiming for politics and politician at the centre of affairs. The trailer throws at us subtle and canny-uncanny instances where the law makers of our country make the situation worse than anything it was supposed to be.
As the 2:30 minute long trailer proceeds, one easily comprehends that the round table conference is a key plot in the film and with the likes of Om Puri, Annu Kapoor, Seema Biswas, Satish Kaushik and Seema Biswas, we cannot really complain about the quality of production that seems a little lacking at the budget end but indeed wait for some real bombs being interchanged in form of tongue in cheek humor and cold satire.
The digs taken at Indian Army’s position at the army should raise some eyebrows but given it is a satire, let us all try and be mature enough give it a laud for adding humor to sensitive topics in order to be able to portray them to the common viewer effectively.
The soundtrack is not a highlight of this film and it is appreciable on the part of the makers, Indian Production House, to have not included shoddy music for just populist purposes.
Seems, interesting enough from the outset, let us wish Jai Ho Democracy lives up to the name and fame of its ensemble cast and entertains us like the director’s previous affair.