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Jai Gangaajal Critics Reviews and Ratings: The reviews so far haven’t been good for Priyanka Chopra starrer action drama.

Priyanka Chopra and Prakash Jha starrer ‘Jai Gangaajal’ is in theaters now. Jai Gangaajal is a sequel to the 2003 crime film Gangaajal, which featured Ajay Devgn in the lead role. Gangaajal was one of the best crime movies of last decade and has achieved cult status over the years. The expectations were high from Prakash Jha as the trailer looked promising. Critics and moviegoers were expecting something gritty from Prakash Jha and Priyanka Chopra but it seems that the movie fails big time. The reviews so far haven’t been encouraging. Let’s read how the top critics has reviewed and rated Jai Gangaajal.

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Jai Gangaajal Critics Reviews and Ratings

Jai Gangaajal Review by Manjusha Radhakrishnan from Gulf News: Jai Gangaajal is crammed with issues such as corporate greed, debt-ridden farms, lawless cities and frustrated civilians, but there’s no particular direction to all that chaos. If you are a Chopra fan and would love to see her kick bad guys into submission, then give this film a shot. Otherwise, skip it.
Rating: 2 stars
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Jai Gangaajal Review by Sneha Francis from Emirates 24|7: A movie that promises to pitch a story of a woman cop battling rowdy politicians suddenly shifts loyalty and lets its male cop hog the spotlight, instead. Priyanka is sincere. Only, the focus is mostly on her perfectly tied hair-bun tucked neatly beneath her cap than on any real heroism. Jha, who had first made a hard-hitting action drama ‘Gangaajal’ in 2003, fails to inject any real meaning into his second part. Another classic example of when a sequel fails to match up to its original.
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The reviews so far haven’t been encouraging. It is a sure shot case of another sequel failure like we have earlier witnessed so many times.

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