Anupam Kher and Paresh Rawal Lashes Out At Aamir Khan
Intolerance Surge: Anupam Kher, Paresh Rawal lashes out at Aamir Khan

Anupam Kher and Paresh Rawal lashed out at Aamir Khan for his remarks on growing intolerance in the country. In a series of tweets, Anupam Kher was found questioning Aamir Khan for his solution to millions of Indian’s living in an ‘intolerant India’.

The war started after Aamir Khan gave a questionable statement mentioning how Kiran Rao, his better half, has been quite skeptical about living in India any further. All this skepticism in her mind is a result of growing intolerance in India.

As expected by everyone, entire twitter exploded over Aamir’s speech. Reason being plain simple, Kiran being protected by a thick cream of money, power and a lot of things can not have experienced any intolerance. Next, We saw Anupam Kher and Paresh Rawal taking general public’s side and acting over Aamir’s statement aggressively.

Anupam Kher’s Tweets

These remarks didn’t go well with Anupam Kher as he lashed out at Aamir on Twitter with a series of tweets.

Paresh Rawal’s tweets

Veteran actor Paresh Rawal also didn’t look impressed with Aamir’s statement as he tweeted.

This is what Aamir Said –


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