Independence Day
Independence Day

Bollywood is known for its larger than life portrayal of festivals. Be it through a song, or an entire movie,Bollywood has never failed to bind the entire nation together with its strong depiction of patriotism. It has even played an integral part in bringing to us the untold stories of our National Heroes. And at this time when we really need to fall in love with our country and take a vow to work for the betterment for it , we bring you a list of movies that you would want to watch to imbibe the feeling of Indianism all over again:

Swades : In an era of Brain Drain where the youth of India wants to leave the country and settle abroad,
this movie becomes a must watch for all the NRIs. It is a heart wrenching tale of the true India and it helps us realize with Swades hai mera!

5 Patriotic Bollywood Movies - Swades
5 Patriotic Bollywood Movies – Swades

Rang De Basanti : Carefree, irresponsible are the terms with which the youngsters of India are entitled with. But give them a reason and see the results. The beauty with which R Madhavan and Waheeda Rahman explains that a soldier prioritize his country over his family moved millions of hearts. While we don’t agree that killing is the direct solution to all the country’s problems but nonetheless this movie did not fail to create a revolution.

5 Patriotic Bollywood Movies - Range De Basanti
5 Patriotic Bollywood Movies – Range De Basanti

Chak De India! : ‘Jisne national game ka sar uncha kia hai usse uncha kaun ho sakta hai’. With dialogs like this and scenes like SATTAR MINUTE this movie did everything which was crucial to recreate the magic and respect that our National Sports deserves.

5 Patriotic Bollywood Movies - Chak De India!
5 Patriotic Bollywood Movies – Chak De India!

Border : Life of a soldier can never be understood by civilians. Sacrificing your life for the country even though your blind mom and newly wedded wife await you at home. This movie gives you a small realization of the vast pain that a man in uniform undergoes.

5 Patriotic Bollywood Movies - Border
5 Patriotic Bollywood Movies – Border

Shaheed : This 1965 movie is hands down The Most Prominent Indian Patriotic movie. Based on the Indian Independence Movement, this movie deals with the lives of Bhagat Singh, Sukhdev and Rajguru. Story of a 23 year old freedom fighter who fasted for 63 days to improve the condition of the prisoners, this movie makes us realize how India fought for freedom. A definite must watch.

5 Patriotic Bollywood Movies - Shaheed
5 Patriotic Bollywood Movies – Shaheed

Blog to Bollywood wishes Happy Independence Day to all.  Jai Hind. Jai Bharat..


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