Kary Arora - India's first female DJ
Kary Arora - India's first female DJ

From writing Jingles to Bollywood Songs, We can find her work in all parts of Indian music industry. She has successfully juggled between roles; be it a Singer, Composer, Music Director or an Audio Engineer. Most prominently we know her as a Disc Jockey.

We take pride in starting this special section with India’s first female DJ Kary Arora

Kary Arora, a Capricorn by birth is equally goal oriented and focused as she is fun loving and lost. She has been in the industry since 1997 and has an habit of leaving her marks everywhere she goes.

Recently We had a conversation with DJ Queen and got to know her a lot better.

The Chat Session

  • Hello Kary! We know you as India’s first female dj. How exactly does it feels like to be one who broke into which was then a male showroom?
  • :-> Have you ever seen a child who wants to eat an ice-cream badly? Do you think that child would bother which gender (boy or a girl) is standing in the cue to eat that ice-cream too? My desire to be a DJ back in 97 was just like that child and seriously i never ever bothered to look into ‘oh im going to break into a male bastion’. Instead of me, you should ask all those men how they felt back then when i came into the scene hahaha. Its music and only music has been my driving force.
  • If not music, Kary would be into?
  • :-> oh! damn i can’t think of anything else other than music.
  • May we know about your family tree, and who is your favorite mom or dad?
  • :-> I’m the only child, no siblings. My mum, dad are like my 2 best friends. My dad has been my strength all these years, one man i cant live without, he is always pushing me in thick and thin. He taught me everything in life from riding my 1st bicycle. My mum taught me how to stay away from alcohol, drugs etc and make use of meditation in music, she also taught me discipline which helps me in focusing and meeting deadlines of my composing projects.
  • The first influential piece of music that you heard & what was the magic in it?
  • :-> Ah! this is my fav answer. My 1st influential piece of music would be song ‘Dard-e-dil‘ by Sir LAXMIKANT-PYARELAL ji. I guess i was 4 then, living in Shimla and my mum tells me i would stand in a balcony and sing that song whole day my lungs out. The violin piece, the funky guitar, oh that sexophone, the melody, that superb lyrics and above all Sir MOHAMMED RAFI sahib’s voice in it still knocks me out.
  • What inspires you in present day?
  • :-> As a Composer, Lyricist in me, my inspiration comes from a real life experiences, adventures, my own crazy-wild, non-existent fantasies and off course a well conceptualized lyrics according to a film’s script.
  • In a nutshell how is your regular day like, of course when you are not on the move?
  • :-> Lost. creative-less. Lazy. Hopeless days without music are my regular day like and i feel blaaahh on such days.
  • What all projects are you currently working on?
  • :-> At the moment there are loads and would be too early to announce but soon to be released is my next composition ‘I DARE YOU‘ title song of upcoming movie ‘DARE YOU‘ Directed – Produced by Denis Selarka and Mehul Simariya. I insist don’t miss out on this song, you all will know why when u hear it. In dj-ing I’ve combined my performances of spinning music and performing on my released songs specially ‘DE DE DEEDAAR DE‘ (Spectral Records, Brazil) and currently on a world tour having the adventure of my life.
  • Five things you would like to take on a deserted island when left alone.
  • :-> Hmmmmmm very interesting. My gears of recording and producing music. my video cam. my mouth organ. my midi controller/keyboard. pair of 2 pieces to wear and lil food. Basically music and food is enough to live my whole life. wherever i may rome, i’m never alone.
  • How do you keep it cool and calm at low times?
  • The secret “mantra” that you follow!!:-> Positive thinking, focus on aims, not getting offended by any de-motivates, patience are the secret mantra i follow. I discard jealousy, negativity and bull talks as soon as i hear/feel it.
  • Lastly, when are we getting a signed copy of your latest track? (wink wink)
  • :-> I should be asking autograph from blogtobollywood for reminding me, my musical journey of so far i lived via this interview as you guys took me in a flashback. Thank you, will surely email you a signed copy soon.

* As told in conversation with BlogtoBollywood.