Hungama 2 Movie Review: Formidable, Unfunny and Unnecessary
Hungama 2 Movie Review

Hungama 2 fails as a sequel but even worse is it exposes all the loopholes of Minnaram as a remake.

Let’s just accept the fact that Hungama 2 is a late sequel as well as a very late remake. Priyadarshan’s filmography in Hindi is filled with remakes, half of them are his own Malayalam films, and the rest are adapted from someone else’s fine works. With Hungama 2, he has brought another remake but frankly speaking it’s too late.

You should know that Hungama 2 is a remake of the 1994 Malayalam movie Minnaram directed by Priyadarshan. Minnaram is not a great comedy itself but a very fine emotional drama with many loopholes which were overlooked in the 90s. Hungama 2 was supposed to cover those shortcomings but instead, it exposes them all.

Priyadarshan is one of those two directors in Bollywood along with David Dhawan who remakes his own good work just to spoil it. Dhawan has spoiled his good comedies of the 90s with remakes that were not original in the first place and Priyadarshan is doing just the same for the last 13-14 years.

One can’t even remember when was the last time he made a solid comedy or a drama since Bhool Bhulaiyaa (2007) which was nothing but just a simple copy-paste of Malayalam cult ‘Manichitrathazhu’ (1993). He had lost his touch almost a decade ago and now he is just showing how worse he can go with his own conviction. Hungama 2 is a next level of his downfall.

Hungama 2 Movie Review: Plot and Storyline

Hungama 2 is simply copied from Minnaram with just one change in the storyline and that’s Happy Ending. Rest, it’s a complete Xerox copy with blurred ink. A soon-to-be-married guy is humiliated when his ex-lover returns after years claiming to have his baby. Confused by the sudden blames, he must find the truth to prove his innocence to his family.

Like mentioned before, Minnaram had several loopholes which were overlooked in the 90s because of the contemporary standards of filmmaking but the same can’t be overlooked in 2021 almost 2 decades later, right?

For instance that DNA report scene which was left incomplete in Minnaram or that voice recording tape scene, makes no sense in today’s timeline. It’s the internet era, not the 90s then why would someone use a tape recorder when everyone uses mobile phones today? Did the writer keep his brain aside while writing the film?

There are almost 10-11 scenes like this where even a KG student can find loophole. Comedy-wise, it’s a terrible attempt already. If you could find even five good gags in this slow film of 156 minutes then you should call yourself lucky.

How the actors have performed?

Coming to the acting department, if you think Meezan is someone who can relight the fire of Mohanlal, Pranitha is someone who can match Shobana and Ashutosh Rana can bring the legacy of Thilakan on screen then yes, Hungama 2 has nothing for you. There are some films when a director fails to get even one good shot from the actors and Hungama 2 is the latest example of it.

Thanks to Rajpal Yadav for delivering what he promises otherwise rest of the cast has even failed to deliver the dialogues properly. And let me tell you those were copied too. Even experienced artists like Paresh Rawal, Shilpa Shetty, Tiku Talsania, Manoj Joshi can be seen doing horrible acts.

Music, direction, and other departments

Music of Hungama 2 adds more to your boredom but thankfully this film has released on OTT so you can skip those below-average songs. Technical aspects are immature, as inaccurate as any 80s film. Priyadarshan seriously needs to think. He is serving the outdated content and wants the audience to enjoy it.

He hasn’t delivered one hit film since 2007 in Bollywood. In fact, none of his films has been received well in the last 14 years. Priyadarshan has lost his touch in the last 5-10 years and needs to work on it.

Overall, Hungama 2 adds another soap opera in his filmography, especially the last 10 Hindi films. Yet another failure, yet another formidable and unnecessary sequel in Bollywood.

RATING – 4/10

Hungama 2 has skipped theatrical release and is officially streaming on Disney+ Hotstar VIP.