Heartland Season 15: How To Watch The New Season In The US?
Heartland Season 15: How To Watch The New Season In The US?

Heartland Season 15 premiered on CBC on Oct 17, 2021. The feel-good series is currently airing in Canada but how can you watch it live in the United States?

The long-running epic family drama Heartland follows Amy Fleming (Amber Marshall), and her older sister Louise “Lou” Fleming (Michelle Morgan). Both of them balances the highs and lows of their personal life while trying to manage their late mother’s legacy as a horse whisperer. Heartland Season 15 debuted on CBC on Oct 17, 2021. The sixth episode of Heartland Season 15 aired on Nov 21, 2021. There will be a total of 10 episodes and the finale is set to air on Dec 19, 2021.

The viewers in Canada are enjoying Heartland Season 15 on CBC and CBC Gem. But how can you watch the CBC hit in the US? Is there a way to stream the new episodes live? When will Heartland Season 15 be on Netflix in the United States and other regions?

Can you watch Heartland Season 15 in the US?

Watching new episodes of Heartland every week is a big deal for fans in the United States. Most of the fans wait for the new season to drop on Netflix. Season 14 isn’t even on Netflix US yet. For now, the best option for fans to catch up with Heartland new episodes is looking out for Season 15 on UPTV’s streaming service, Up Faith & Family. It is also the only place in the US where you can stream Heartland Season 14.

Heartland airs on CBC in Canada. It is also available to stream on CBC Gem (CBC’s streaming service). CBC and CBC Gem are not available outside Canada. So, in order to get access to CBC Gem outside Canada, you will need a good quality VPN. A Good VPN software will enable you access to restricted or country-specific sites.

When will season 15 of Heartland be on Netflix in the United States?

Heartland creators currently have an exclusive streaming deal with UPTV that lasts until March 2022. So, Netflix US won’t be getting Season 14 of Heartland until March 2022. For Heartland Season 15, the fans have to wait a bit more. If the deal remains intact,  Heartland Season 15 won’t be added to Netflix US until at least October 2022.

When will season 15 of Heartland be on Netflix outside the United States?

Season 14 of Heartland concluded airing on CBC in March 2021 and was added to the Netflix library in the United Kingdom and many other regions in June 2021. We can expect the same time gap this time around.

Since Heartland Season 15 concludes airing on CBC in Jan 2022, other Netflix regions would get in March or April 2022.