Better Call Saul Season 6 : Release Date, Time, Streaming AMC & Netflix
Better Call Saul Season 6

Better Call Saul is a spin-off prequel to Breaking Bad. AMC’s popular crime drama series is returning to screens for the final season. With the final season set to debut on Monday, April 18, the fans have been asking how to watch Better Call Saul Season 6 online? What are the streaming options available? Well, we have listed all the details below.

When will Better Call Saul Season 6 premiere?

Better Call Saul is an AMC original series in the United States. The previous five seasons debuted on the channel and the sixth season will follow. Season 6 premieres on April 18, 2022. You can check more details about Better Call Saul Season 6 premiere date and time.

Is Better Call Saul Season 6 Streaming online?

Along with AMC, Season 6 will also be available on the network’s streaming channel, AMC+. However, in countries where AMC+ is not available, the series will be available for streaming on Netflix. The new episode will be available to stream on Netflix a day after it premieres on AMC.

What do we know more about Season 6?

Debuted in 2015, the series follows Jimmy McGill (played by Bob Odenkirk) as he tries to turn his life around from an ex-con artist to a legit small-time attorney. The fans are excited to know what the future holds for Jimmy McGill.

Fans will be happy to know that co-creator Peter Gould has confirmed that both Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul are returning to reprise their roles as Walter White and Jesse Pinkman.

There are a total of 13 episodes in the sixth season to be released in two parts. Titles for the first four episodes have been revealed.

Episode 1 “Wine and Roses”: Nacho runs for his life; Jimmy and Kim hatch a plan; Mike questions his allegiances.

Episode 2 “Carrot and Stick”: Harsh realities dawn on Nacho in his not-so-safe haven; Gus investigates his suspicions.

Episode 3: “Rock and Hard Place”

Episode 4: “Hit and Run”

In case you haven’t watched, you can steam the previous five seasons on Netflix.

Are there more streaming options available for Better Call Saul?

Better Call Saul has been an AMC original since its debut. The TV network also has a streaming service called AMC+, which launched in 2020. AMC+ streams all AMC originals. So, Better Call Saul will also be streaming on AMC+.

However, outside the United States and Canada, where AMC+ is not available. So, your only streaming option remains Netflix. You can watch Better Call Saul Season 6 (and all previous seasons) on Netflix. These are the only two options to stream the crime drama series.