How To Get A Job In The Cybersecurity Field With CompTIA Certifications
CompTia Certifications

Do you want to change your career path completely and apply for a job role in cybersecurity? And it’s not surprising because this domain has become very popular these days. This effect appeared CompTIA A+ to the increased number of ransomware attacks that happen every day so the companies are forced to allocate more funds for configuring security software and processes. Therefore, the positions in cybersecurity became better paid. At the same time, hiring managers became more exigent and willing to work only with top skilled professionals.

Given this context, you can benefit from working in cybersecurity if you also put effort to distinguish yourself from other candidates. So, obtaining the CompTIA Security+ dedicated to cybersecurity is one of the smartest moves you can make in this direction.

Are you still not convinced? This article will offer you more details regarding how the CompTIA accreditation can help you get the job of your dreams.

Steps To Follow To Launch A Career In Cybersecurity With The CompTIA Certifications

Once you decide to carve a career related to cybersecurity, the first thing you should do is conduct thorough research on the labor market. Once you decide what you want to do in the future, you should redirect your attention towards building a promising applicant profile. So, below you will find some steps that you can follow to leverage your chances to be accepted for the desired CompTIA Network+ :

1) Do an objective evaluation of your cybersecurity expertise

This process should be done after you identified some roles that might be interesting for you. Based on each job description, you will be able to assess your current skills and technical knowledge. You should pay attention to the employer’s requirements related to years of experience, expertise in certain domains, and major projects developed in the past. As a result of this research, you will know what to do next and what CompTIA certification to choose.

2) Study the CompTIA accreditation journey

Before you jump into registering for a CompTIA designation, you should check the certification pathway provided by the vendor to understand the levels you need to go through to gain the necessary expertise. For example, if you are a beginner in cybersecurity, then you should choose the CompTIA A+ certificate that verifies your foundational knowledge of core technologies, and security is among them. Once you’ve obtained this first-level 220-1001, you will become eligible for the next phase, thus the following certifications to opt for include Network+, Security+ and only then one of the higher level CySA+.

3) Take action and obtain the desired CompTIA certification

Once you’ve finalized your plan and determined which CompTIA certificate is suitable for you, it’s time to take action. Therefore, you should check the qualifying exam’s blueprint and identify the official training resources. Thus, in the case with the A+ certification, you are to pass 220-1001 and 220-1002 exams, Network+ implies taking N10-007 test and Security+ means that you have to sit for the SY0-601 evaluation. But, even though the accreditation process might seem difficult, the benefits outweigh the efforts. The international accreditation such as one from CompTIA will open the doors of international companies and recommend you as a pro in cybersecurity.


As a result, you can easily get into the cybersecurity world by following the steps mentioned above. Even though the certification path is not easy, it’s important to assess your skills and register for a 220-1002 exam. You cannot underestimate the solid reputation that this vendor has in the employment market. Such companies as Nissan, Intel, Apple, Hp, NETFLIX, and Splunk, will be happy to hire you. Therefore, by adding the CompTIA certificate to your resume, you will validate your skills and professional competence in security and cybersecurity. In addition, you will have a serious advantage over rivals. Go for it!