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Akshay and Jacqueline in Housefull 3

Akshay Kumar, Abhishek Bachchan, Riteish Deshmukh, Jacqueline Fernandez, Nargis Fakhri and Lisa Haydon starrer Housefull 3 is in theaters now. The movie was released yesterday in Gulf region and as expected the movie opened to mixed from critics. Directed by Sajid-Farhad, Housefull 3 is the third instalment of famous Housefull franchise. The first two instalments also failed to impress the critics but emerged as big hits at the Box Office. Like the first two instalments, Housefull 3 is also expected to  be a mega hit at the Box Office. Leave aside Box Office, lets read what the critics have said about Akshay Kumar’s Housefull 3.

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Housefull 3 Critics Reviews And Ratings

Housefull 3 Review By Taran Adarsh: Entertainment is the lifeline of #Housefull series. Sajid-Farhad ensure #HF3 stays faithful to genre. Laughs, gags, punches – it’s a riot…Comedy is serious business and #Housefull3 lives up to the humongous hype + enormous expectations attached to the franchise. For those who relish zany, madcap entertainers, with loads of laughter + dollops of entertainment, #Housefull3 is a treat. Akshay, Riteish, Abhishek take the comic quotient notches above the ordinary. Comic timing, Trio is the lifeline of #Housefull3.
Rating: N/A
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Housefull 3 Review By Lokesh Dharmani:  I walked out of the movie. Trust me, I have watched worse. I have watched Gang of Ghosts, Jackpot. Wait Creature in 3 D. And all those films you didn’t even know existed. So I have a decent tolerance for bad films. But I just couldn’t sit through Housefull 3. A story in films like these is a myth. It is sheer buffoonery that gets worse with every second, with every joke shamelessly copied from WhatsApp. And no. NO. Just NO. Don’t, please don’t try an ‘arrey-it’s-a-masala-film-calm-down-loosen-up’ on me. I can’t surgically detach my brains and leave them behind when I watch films.
Rating: 0
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Housefull 3 Review By Manjusha Radhakrishnan:  Housefull 3 should ideally come with a blanket announcement: If you are easily offended, Housefull 3 is not for you. While the first half has some laugh-out loud moments, the second half meanders. But the climax, which has some golden moments, wrap things up nicely. The tale of three losers with some nifty get-rich-quick-scheme is one of those films that defies logic. As long as you don’t look for sense in this one, you are safe.
Rating: 3 stars
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Housefull 3 Review By Sneha Francis: ‘Housefull3’ is truly tragic. It’s, undoubtedly, humour of the lowest kind. We sit, horribly shocked and deeply scared, watching director-duo Sajid-Farhad take unfunny potshots at the physically and mentally-challenged. It’s a trick most Bollywood directors blindly bank on, because they believe it will be cheered. Only, in here, those set-pieces are horribly convoluted and devoid of genuine wit. Sajid-Farhad, who are prolific writers of Bollywood “comedies” and made their directorial debut with ‘Entertainment’, lack insight or comic genius to weave together a fun movie
Rating: N/A
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The reviews so far have been mixed. Some critics may have thrashed the movie, but it can’t be denied that senseless comic movies in India work wonders and Housefull 3 looks like one of them. You can bookmark wthis page as we will update it with more reviews as soon as they come.

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