Alia Bhatt In Highway
Alia Bhatt In Highway

Highway Movie Review – It’s Not For Everyone | Movie Reviews

Highway released this Friday (February 21) on good expectations. The movie is an unusual romantic journey and is directed by Imtiaz Ali who has given us hits likes Socha Na Tha, Jab We Met, Love Aaj Kal and Rockstar in the past. Now lets see what Highway has stored for us let us see.

Strictly, Highway is not for those movie goers who wants full entertainment with a lot of masala , as it is very different in its execution and treatment. It is has its own life and charm for few section of people who will surely like it. If the story had some more solidity, it would have been a class act.

Let’s dig a little deeper with our Highway Movie Review.

Story and Direction

The plot starts with a girl Veera Tripathi (Alia Bhatt) who is about to get married. One night she plans to go  on a drive with his fiance. On reaching the highway, she is kidnapped by a group led by Mahabir Bhatti (Randeep Hooda). Initially, she tries to escape but soon she starts feeling a sense of independence in captivity. She travels with her kidnappers across different parts of the country and during this course, a bond develops between Veera and Mahabir. This bond turns into a love which forms the crux of the film.

Director Imtiaz Ali’s direction is good but somehow the magic of Jab We Met and Rockstar is missing here. We should still applaud him for doing something unique and unusual. Actually, it is the screenplay which is very disengaging and the slow pace which starts testing the patience of the audiences. Moreover, the plot also has no depth in it.

The cinematography is of top quality and mind-blowing. Some of the scenes have been captured so effortlessly that for a moment it looks like we are watching a Travel program rather than a movie. It is surely a superlative effort.

Character Performances

One film old Alia Bhatt (debut in Student Of The Year), has given a splendid performance and shown signs of a future star.Still, she has to improve in few areas. Randeep Hooda is terrific in Haryani look and shows great confidence with Haryani ascent, though he has not much to speak on the screen still his eyes and expressions has done all the talking. The supporting is decent.


The music is given by Oscar winner A. R. Rehman which is soulful and soothing to ears. Patakha Guddi is the standout performer of all the songs. ‘Suhasa‘ is very situational and touchy as it is also sung by Alia Bhatt. Maahi Ve comes at the end while rest of the songs can be heard in pieces during the movie. The background score is also good.

Watch it for 

Excellent cinematography, Alia-Radeep’s performances and if you have patience and has interest in unusual cinema.

Skip Highway for

Disengaging screenplay, sluggish pace and less entertainment quotient.

Highway Movie Review Verdict

Highway can be a one time watch for those who want to witness something unique and different from Bollywood. Strict warning for those who go for complete entertainers. On the whole, we can say that Imtiaz Ali is below par as compared to his previous gems with Highway but still it can be his boldest effort till date.

Highway Movie Rating

  • 3  /  5

Highway Movie Details

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  1. It for all Alia fans. She has delivered better than expectations..
    Thanks for visiting Blog to Bollywood.

  2. Thanx for commenting abhishek, I have also considered entertainment quotient while writing the review, you see Gunday being more entertaining still manages just 3.4. If we remove this quotient, then Highway is better than Gunday.


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