Here's why Sunny Deol stormed out of the sets of Bigg Boss 9!
Sunny Deol and Salman Khan on the sets of Bigg Boss 9

Salman Khan recently shared a picture of him and Sunny Deol and captioned it “Big Boss. Big Boss..Get ready for a rocking Sunday.”

The Sad news is it turns out that the rocking Sunday would not happen anymore. According to reports, Sunny Deol stormed out of the sets after being given a raw treatment by the makers of the show. Sunny Deol was scheduled to appear as a guest for the promotion of his upcoming film Ghayal Once Again. 

Apparently, Sunny was kept waiting for quite some time and the shoot was delayed till 11 pm while the shoot was supposed to happen around 4:30 pm. This did not go down well with Sunny and he left the sets without shooting the episode.

Sunny Deol’s action is correct from all perspective and it also goes well with his image of angry young man. Sunny spent some time with Salman Khan before the shoot, the unprofessional-ism totally miffed him and he refused to stay back. He will also be seen promoting Ghayal Once Again on Comedy Nights With Kapil, India’s Best Dramebaaz Season 2 and Comedy Classes. 

We would really like to know what Salman thought of this!


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