Here Are The Honest Reviews Of Jabariya Jodi
Here Are The Honest Reviews Of Jabariya Jodi

Siddharth Malhotra and Parineeti Chopra starrer Jabariya Jodi was finally released this Friday, after a number of delays. Produced by Ekta Kapoor, this romantic comedy is among the most awaited movies of this year.

The trailer and the songs of the movie are already hit among the audiences, that just can’t stop praising the chemistry between the leading pair, who are sharing the screen for the second time after  ‘Hasee Toh Phasee’.

Going by the early reviews of the movie, Jabariya Jodi has failed to impress the audience. Despite having an interesting concept of  ‘Pakadwa Shaadi’ (groom kidnappings) prevalent in Bihar. The movie left everyone disappointed with its expected turn of events.

Here, have a look at the reviews of Jabariya Jodi:

Box-office India-  **1/2 :

Kudos to the makers to attempt a concept which is unheard of in the romance genre but even with the rawness of the backdrop it is set in, Jabariya Jodi needed a little bit more finesse and a crisper edit so that it could live up to its potential.

Filmfare – 2.5 stars:

Pinkvilla – 2 stars:

Jabriya Jodi is a classic case where the makers face a catch 22 and fail to emerge out of it. The first half of the movie is spent building the story, and the second half is wasted on divergent attempts at being funny, socially conscious, and of course, romance.

Hindustan Times – 1.5 stars:

Jabariya Jodi could have been that film but, alas, it is as flavorless as the ‘litti chokha’ served on pristine white ceramic plates– for sometimes, you like to get your hands dirty.

NDTV – 1 star:

If only there was a conjurer’s trick that could turn Jabariya Jodi into a coherent whole. But even if any such sleight exists somewhere in the world, the director clearly isn’t aware. Steadfastly puerile, Jabariya Jodi, a film that appears to have been made under duress by a group of people playing blind man’s buff, is a big splotch of utter nonsense.

Sidharth Malhotra bares his teeth a lot, and Parineeti Chopra grimaces ever so often to signal her seriousness, but their characters are too wispy to leave any traces. The supporting cast, which includes Sanjay Mishra, Sheeba Chaddha and Chandan Roy Sanyal, put on their best professional faces for the course of 144 minutes. The humor is as forced as the romance, and the biggest question goes unanswered: what is the movie really trying to say?


And that’s Jabariya Jodi’s problem. It’s neither a well-made social commentary nor an entertaining romantic comedy. What it is is a Jabariya headache to sit through.

Zee News:

There are flashes of brilliance from the prop cast. Sanjay Mishra as Babli’s father, Javed Jaffrey as Hukum Singh, and Aparshakti Khurana as Babli’s friend are a delight to watch, but their performances are hampered by shoddy writing.’Jabariya Jodi’ is a case of jabariya filmmaking. That’s not amusing at all.