Heartless Music Review

Heartless is heartful singing.

Heartless music review was a delight as well. Though I was late in getting my hands on the album, I was happy that finally I was able to review this.

Now, Heartless is a romantic album with crisp light-hearted music and quality singing. You are bound to fall in love with a couple of tracks from this album. I am happy 2014 has started very well on the musical note, with almost all the albums serving something good for ears.

You are bound to stop, pause and repeat ‘Main Dhoondne Zamaane Ko‘ , ‘Ishq Khuda‘ and the best of all ‘Soniye‘. What are we waiting for , let’s walk though each track individually and see how it performs in our review.

The audio links provided with the song are as shared on official YouTube channel of T-Series.

  • Mashooqana [audiotube id=”sDDwV2jy_KQ” size=”large”]

    Nice Clean Hip-Hop Bollywood song opens up heartless music album. It was a pleasure to hear Ash King singing. Mashooqana has unique music, and it becomes evident as perfect flute play rides on arabic tune in a hip-hop base music. fantastic though this happy go lucky romantic number does not hold on for long.

  • Main Dhoondne Ko Zamaane Mein [audiotube id=”FIu4lel3S_o” size=”large”] 

    The Second track from Heartless is another showcase of Arijit Singh. The nostalgic love tunes suits Arijit’s voice beautifully and is slightly addictive. Irshad Kamil’s lyrics and Arijit’s singing brings out the song very well. Must hear track from the album.

  • Soniye [audiotube id=”gjz1A6KKW5I” size=”large”]

    This one is my personal favourite. The soothing voice of KK does more than justice to this romantic number. Music complements the wonderful lyrics very well. The interlude, the vocals, background score everything fits in perfectly making Soniye beautiful.

  • Ishq Khuda [audiotube id=”0jD71Pz4vA” size=”large”]

    After consistently good but light-hearted tracks, Ishq Khuda makes you halt and trys to get into you. Fuzon’s lead singer Khurram Iqbal sings on a rock fusion music circumscribed by wonderful sufi touche. Ishq Khuda is not only nice but sooting as well. Fuzon have really done a good job in this track. Lines like tu hi meri jindagi , kyun na karun main bandagi  really get into you. A wonderful track from Fuzon.

  • What A Feeling [audiotube id=”ROfT0Ur7X-k” size=”large”]

    After a halt for Ishq Khuda, sweet rhythmic soundtrack of Heartless continues with What A Feeling. The song ‘What A Feeling’ is special because Shekhar Suman has written it himself. Mohit Chauhan and Sukhanya Ghosh are good as expected and makes sure you do not try to skip this one too. What A Feeling has really nice music. Lyrics are above average but it clearly comes out as the weakest part of the song.

  • Heartless (Title Track) [audiotube id=”jCugmGEO6O8″ size=”large”]

    Mohit Chauhan along with Aniruddh Bhola & Suzanne D’Mello sings the title track of the album. The best part of this track is the background score and how well the song shifts gears between low and high phases. Rest is just slightly above ordinary. You won’t be bored but nothing to take back.

  • Thanks Brother

    Song by father and son (Shekhar Suman & Adhyayan Suman), Thanks brother good singing on melodious tune. If you have a brother, finally you have a song to dedicate. Short and bearable track.

  • Mashooqana (Sanjoy Deb Remix) [audiotube id=”JwU_DzEDQfs” size=”large”]

    The Remix could have been way better that this. Mashooqana is a wonderful track and Sanjoy Deb simply messes and serves an average club mix version. I am really disappointed as I really expected something good to play on my woofers.Alas ! it ain’t clicking.

  • Main Dhoondne Ko Zamaane Main (Reprise)

    Reprise version is equally good as the original track and certainly ends the soundtrack on a high note.I can’t say anymore except – Make sure you listen to reprise as well.


Heartless Music Review : Overall Impression

I am more than satisfied with heartless. I get more than one takeaways from the album. Heartless is a mood setter and blissful light music.

Enjoy the entire audio soundtrack jukebox here :

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Heartless Soundtrack Details

Let’s look at album’s soundtrack artist details below

[box title=”Heartless Soundtrack Details” style=”noise” box_color=”#a76c47″ radius=”5″]

Track NoSongRatingSingerMusic DirectorLyrics
1MashooqanaAsh King & Arunima BhattacharyaGaurav DagaonkarArafat Mehmood & Irshad Kamil
2Main Dhoondne Ko Zamaane MeinArijit SinghGaurav DagaonkarArafat Mehmood & Irshad Kamil
3SoniyeKKGaurav DagaonkarArafat Mehmood & Irshad Kamil
4Ishq KhudaKhurram IqbalFuzon (Band)Arafat Mehmood & Irshad Kamil
5What A FeelingMohit Chauhan & Sukanya GhoshGaurav DagaonkarArafat Mehmood & Irshad Kamil
6HeartlessMohit Chauhan, Aniruddh Bhola & Suzanne D'MelloGaurav DagaonkarArafat Mehmood & Irshad Kamil
7Thanks BrotherShekhar Suman & Adhyayan SumanGaurav DagaonkarArafat Mehmood & Irshad Kamil
8Mashooqana (Sanjoy Deb Remix)Ash King, Arunima Bhattacharya & Sanjoy DebGaurav DagaonkarArafat Mehmood & Irshad Kamil
9Main Dhoondne Ko Zamaane MainArijit SinghGaurav DagaonkarArafat Mehmood & Irshad Kamil


Heartless Music Review : Soundtrack Verdict

Heartless is above average soundtrack overall.It can be said as a perfect travel companion because of it’s light hearted tracks.

Heartless Music : Where to Buy/ Listen ?

The music was released digitally on 07th January 2014. Buy on iTunes

Heartless Music Review | Music Reviews n Soundtrack Details
Heartless Music Review | Music Reviews n Soundtrack Details

Heatless Movie Details

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