heartless movie poster
heartless movie poster

Heartless Movie Review – Very Nice Attempt But Executed Unconvincingly

Heartless released this Friday (February 07) which marks the directorial début of Shekhar Suman who has come with a medical thriller which is based on a terrifying medical phenomenon Anaesthesia Awareness.The plot looks inspired from the Hollywood flick Awake.

The movie overall disappoints in spite of a suitable script which is mainly due to the poor character performances of the protagonists and half-hearted execution of the plot. Still, It can be watched once.

Let’s dig a little deeper with our Heartless Movie Review.

Story and Direction:

Aditya (Adhyayan Suman) is a business person who lives with his mother (Deepti Naval) and has a serious heart disease. One day he meets beautiful waitress Riya (Ariana Ayam) in a hotel and is attracted towards her. Soon both starts loving each other. After few days, Aditya moves to Mumbai to meet his friend Dr. Sameer Saxena (Shekhar Suman) for his heart transplant against his mother’s will who wanted to do the surgery from Sanjay Trehan (Om Puri.). The first half ends on an unexpected twist which leads to all the drama in the second half.

Being a debutant, Shekhar Suman has done a decent job. He has managed to keep the film engaging throughout but the intensity of execution fades after some time. The first half which shows the romantic angle, is pretty much stretched and looks unnecessary while all course of events happen in the second half.

Character Performances

The performances from the lead pair (Adhyayan Suman and Ariana Ayam) is a big let down. Specially from Adhyayaman on which the movie revolves. He is unable to live the character properly on the screen. Debutant Ariana is also below average while the supporting cast of Shekhar Suman, Deepti Naval and Om Puri has played their part well.


The music of the film is very good as all the songs are enjoyable. ‘Mai Dhoondne ko Zamaane Mein’ song sung by Arijit Singh appears at the end in the rolling credits while rest of the songs are situational.

Watch it for : 

Watch it for a nice plot, decent direction from debutant Shekhar Suman and good music.

Skip Heartless for :

Adhyayaman Suman’s below par act, unnecessary  stretched first half and poor execution of the plot.

Heartless Movie Review Verdict

Heartless can be a one time watch for a good attempt from Shekhar Suman to make a medical thriller on a fresh plot though inspired. But in order to relaunch his son, the movie is unable to raise the level as Adhyayan disappoints everybody.

Heartless Movie Rating

  • 2.6  /  5

Heatless Movie Details

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  1. All songs of this movie are wondeful and the story of the movie is good..Ahyayan Suman is a son of shekhar suman


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