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Hawaa Hawaai movie review : Simply wonderful, inspiring and motivating.

Hawaa Hawaai is an absolute gem. Its simple yet wonderful. It’s a well crafted movie that will make you cry and laugh at the same time. Highly Recommended.

Average Rating : 3.5 Stars

Lets have a look at what the critics have to say on Hawaa Hawaai.

Hawaa Hawaai Movie review

1) Taran Adarsh from Bollywood Hungama

[quote] HAWAA HAWAAI is all about ordinary people. Those who cross our paths every single day, but we barely glance at them. Neither do we have the time or inclination to think of their existence. It’s the story of willpower and determination. And it highlights the triumph of the human spirit in the wake of adversities. It makes you realize that those who dream have the power to move mountains. It’s about ambitions and finding the hero within. On the whole, HAWAA HAWAAI is a gem that shouldn’t be missed. A wonderful creation with heartrending emotions, this one’s inspirational and motivating. Strongly recommended![/quote]

Rating : 3.5 Stars.

2) Raja Sen from Rediff

[quote]Hawa Hawaii is simple but wonderful. It’s a well-textured and etched film, one refreshingly lacking in villains — even the richest, chubbiest kid isn’t a meanie — and one that heartrending but smilingly illustrates the disparity between the kids shown in the film and the kids who can afford to buy theater tickets to watch this film. This is a brisk, enjoyable film, and while the climactic race is somewhat marred by an overdose of melodrama — Gupte’s far better at subtler strokes than the few broad ones he tries — it is rare to find a Hindi film hero more deserving of our cheers than Arjun. [/quote]

Rating : 3.5 Stars.

3) Shubhra Gupta from The Indian Express

[quote]This is the kind of film where we know the outcome from the first frame. We know that Arjun will, by the end of the film, be skirting the winning tape. Doughty slum dogs have had long Bollywood history — there have been many in between Mira Nair’s Chaipau and Danny Boyle’s Jamal. But Gupte’s Arjun and his gang do not deliver enough surprises: there’s heavy-handedness afoot, if you’ll allow the mix of metaphors. It has a big beating heart, but you wish it had been a better film: it trundles on, leaps up intermittently, but doesn’t fly. [/quote]

Rating : 2.5 Stars.

4) Madhureeta Mukherjee from The Times of India

[quote]Amol Gupte’s story is soulful, heart-breaking and hopeful – moving you from tears to deep thought. He skillfully creates a portrait of the lives of deprived children – with profundity and playfulness. The child-like chemistry the kids share is delightful (whether it’s bonding over leftover butter chicken or skate-shopping with thirty bucks). HH’s inspiring story is for children, for the child in all of us and for adults who need to wake up to dream again.[/quote]

Rating : 3.5 Stars.

5) Mohar Basu from Koimoi

[quote]Hawaa Hawaai runs the risk of being compared to Gupte’s previous works but as a standalone it is without doubt one of the most brilliant works of recent times. Subtle and empowering with delectable performances of Saqib & Partho adding power to the film, here’s one ultimately satisfying movie that will win you over with its bittersweet and spirited work. I am going with a 3.5/5 recommending that you don’t miss this one.[/quote]

Rating : 3.5 Stars.

6)  Saibal Chaterjee from NDTV

[quote]It is simple but not simplistic. It critiques the way the dispossessed are viewed and treated in this country, but does so in a manner that is elegantly laconic and subtle. Hawaa Hawaai isn’t an average sports film either. It is a multi-layered commentary on contemporary urban society.[/quote]

Rating : 4 Stars.

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