Happy New Year first Week Box Office Collections : Day 7 Thursday
Happy New YEar Box Office collections for First Week

Happy New Year First Week Box Office Collections : Day 7 Thursday goes blunt average in performance yet high enough.

HNY’s Day 7 (Thursday) helped the flick close with whooping 157.5 Crores  in first Week, Happy New Year’s First Week Box Office Collections stands at 3rd place after Kick and Bang Bang.

Happy New Year released on Diwali and was obviously expected to break bones of all the earlier releases this year, however, Kick and Bang Bang were still better when it came to Box Office Collections for Happy New Year.

HNY’s momentum at box office seamed to fall low with every passing day and this places us on a important question on how the movie would perform on Friday, i.e.. the second weekend’s first day.

Having a look at Happy New Year’s performances from Monday onwards 15 Cr, 13 Cr, 11.5 Cr and finally 9.14 Crs on Thursday, leaves another picture of the flick’s inability to hold the crowd.

See the day wise collection report here : HNY day wise collections

As per public responses and audiences Happy New Year is a paisa vasool movie and I was expecting HNY to do business in the upper marks and close to 18 crores on weekdays. Read more on public sentiments here : HNY public response

Anyways Lets hope for a better performance of Happy New Year at box office.

Happy New Year first Week Box Office Collections : Day 7 Thursday Collections
A still from Happy New Year

Happy New Year First Thursday Collections

  • Seventh Day Box Office Collections : 9.14 Crores (Official)

Happy New Year First Week Box Office Collections

  • Seven Days Box Office Collections : 157.5 Crores (Official)

Happy New Year First Week Box Office Collections : Day wise update

[box title=”Happy New Year Total Box Office Collection ” style=”noise” box_color=”#a76c47″ radius=”5″] [spoiler title=”Day By Day Collection (Click to expand)” style=”fancy”]
  • First Day Collection(Friday) : 44.97 Crores ( per trade official )
  • Second Day Collection(Saturday) : 31.60 Crores ( per trade official )
  • Third Day Collection(Sunday) : 32.29 Crores (Official)
  • Fourth Day Collection(Monday) : 15 Crores ( Official)
  • Fifth Day Collections ( Tuesday ) : 13 ( Official )
  • Sixth Day Collections ( Wednesday ) : 11.5 ( Official )
  • Seventh Day Collections ( Thursday) : 9.14 crores (Official)
  • Happy New Year First Weekend (3 days) Collection : 108.86 (Official)
  • Highest Day : First Day : 44.97 Crores
  • First Week Collections : 157.5 Crores (Official)

Lets wait and watch how things unfold for Happy New Year. Also See

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