Saif and Ileana in Happy Ending
Saif and Ileana in Happy Ending

Happy Ending Review : Saif, Govinda and Ileana starer rom-com is a decent one time watch

The trailer, songs and promo of the movie had created enough buzz before the release because of which the response is quite good. Read on to know whether you want to watch Happy Ending or not.

Happy Ending Review : Plot and Storyline

Yudi Jaitley(Saif Ali Khan) is a successful writer whose one book gave him enough fame and wealth including a nice apartment and a swanky car. Yudi spends most of his time with girls and his best friend Montu(Ranvir Shorey). Montu’s strict and possessive wife makes Montu make Yudi realize how lucky he is to live a bachelor life while Montu is not happy with his wife. Everything seems to be going fine when one day Yudi’s car is taken away by his publisher’s contract and this leaves Yudi realize he needs to get back to his career.
The publisher’s contract of Yudi is taken over by new writer in block Aanchal (Ileana) . Yudi and Aanchal meet up and release that they both are commitment phobic who just want good times together and no baggage or trace of love.

Happy Ending Review : Treat to modern age lovers
Happy Ending movie still

Meanwhile, Vishaka(Kalki Koechlin) – the current girlfriend of Yudi is mad over him and won’t let him break up, while his ex-girlfriend (played by Preity Zinta), turns into his relationship adviser.

The real twist happens when Yudi falls in love with Aanchal. However, Aanchal doesn’t want to get into relationships as she hasn’t changed her mind unlike Yudi.

Depressed, Yudi decides to get back to his career by writing script for Bollywood star Armaan(Govinda). He writes a neat love story which is instantly accepted

Will love ever happen between Yudi and Aanchal ? Will they let go off their commitment phobia ?

Happy Ending Review : Performances

Saif is back at what he is best at. He has delivered a truly truthful performance. Ileana is not bad either. Her chemistry with Saif looks refreshing. Ranveer, Kalki are just okay. Govinda as expected steals the show with his quirkiness and dance moves. You want to see more of him onscreen.

Happy Ending Review : Final Word

Watch Happy Ending if you are bored of typical Bollywood masala and wants to see cool and refreshing modern age love story.

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Did you get the chance to watch Happy Ending. Share your thoughts and reviews with us. Keep it filmy.


  1. Yes Happy Ending is a decent film to pass time. It is quite different from typical Bollywood masala movies and portrays the modern age love story. I watched this Indian movie online and enjoyed a lot.


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