Shahid and Shraddha romance scene from Haider
Shahid and Shraddha romance scene from Haider

Haider Opening Day Report : Haider off to a slow start at Box Office thanks to huge buzz and hype created by Bang Bang

Haider off to a slow start at Box Office. Thanks to its competition with Bang Bang the movie got only 1100 screens across the country. The movie was appreciated by the critics as well as the film fraternity but it couldn’t able to open well at Box Office.

Bang Bang take the early initiative thanks to it high screen count and huge hype and buzz surrounding it. Haider is not a commercial outing like Bang Bang so it will take sometime to pick up and get its prime audience.

Haider Opening Day Report - Slow Start at Box Office
Haider movie poster

Early reviews of the movie has been superb and the movie will surely pick up in the evening shows and coming days. Haider boasts on strong performances of its lead actors and Vishal Bharadwaj’s direction.

Haider is not a movie for masses, its basically a movie for niche audience. Its a multiplex movie and is surely garner good Box Office numbers on coming days.

Expect opening day Box Office collection in the range of 6 to 7 crores.

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