Priyanka Chopra in Gunday
Priyanka Chopra in Gunday

Gunday Second Monday Collections | Box Office Collections 11 Days

Gunday Second Monday Collections : Reached 70 Crores mark

Gunday Second Monday collections are fair and at par with what can be expected for Gunday’s box office collections. We all expected Gunday to open good on Box Office and this is what was seen during the first week which produces 63 crores plus collections. Being One of the most awaited movie of 2014, Gunday released on around 2800 screens and has grossed well on box office.

The movie was able to hit it well at box office on second Monday as well, thanks to a steady start and good pace. Gunday collected around 1.35 crores  on its eleventh day.

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Overall, Gunday has received less negative responses from critics and little bashing with every one stressing on the fact that Gunday lacks uniqueness/ creativity. It is all old stuffs but new packaging. Read our movie review to know more : Gunday Movie Review

Gunday was able to gross up to a figure of 1.35 crores (approx) on its second Monday box office i..e. on its eleventh day at silver screen. Gunday also crossed the magical halfway mark of 50 Crores on its fifth day at box office and went forward to collect around 63 Crores  in first week.

Lets have a look at how Gunday grossed on Eleventh Day.

Gunday Second Monday Collections

Gunday Second Monday Collections were as follows :

  • Eleventh Day Collections : 1.35 crores (approx)


Gunday Box Office Collections & Day to Day Update ( Second Monday Update)

[box title=”Gunday Total Box Office Collections (11 Days total )” style=”noise” box_color=”#a76c47″ radius=”5″]

[spoiler title=”Day By Day Collections (Click to expand)” style=”fancy”]

  • First Day (Friday) : 16.12 Crores
  • Second Day (Saturday) : 12.63 Crores
  • Third Day (Sunday) : 15.18 Crores
  • Fourth Day (Monday) : 5.85 Crores
  • Fifth Day (Tuesday) : 5.15 Crores
  • Sixth Day (Wednesday) : 4.53 Crores
  • Seventh Day (Thursday) : 4.20 Crores
  • Eighth Day (Second Friday) : 2 Crores
  • Ninth Day (Second Saturday) : 2.20 Crores
  • Tenth Day (Second Sunday) : 3.10 Crores
  • Eleventh Day (Second Monday) : 1.35 crores (approx)
  • Overall : 72. 31 Crores


  • Opening Day Collection : 16.12 Crores
  • Highest Day Collection : 16.12 Crores ( Day 1)
  • First Weekend : 43.93 Crores
  • First Week : 63.66 Crores
  • Second Weekend : 7.30 Crores
  • Second Week (So Far) : 8.65 Crores
  • Overall Collections : 72. 31 Crores


Gunday Movie Details :

[box title=”Gunday Movie Details ” style=”noise” box_color=”#a76c47″ radius=”5″]


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