Grace and Frankie season 7 release date and other details
Grace and Frankie season 7

Grace and Frankie will soon return for its seventh and final season on Netflix. Here is everything you need to know.

Grace and Frankie is one of the best comedy shows on Netflix. Entertaining the fans since 2015, the longest running show on Netflix is all set to return for its seventh and final season. When it comes to an end, Grace and Frankie will break most likely the record for the most episodes for a Netflix show. Here are the latest updates on Grace & Frankie season 7 including the production status, and when will season 7 arrive on Netflix.

How many seasons of Grace and Frankie are on Netflix?

There are currently six seasons of Grace and Frankie on Netflix. The sixth season was added to Netflix on Jan 15, 2020. The first season premiered on May 8, 2015. Each season comprises of 13 episodes.

Has Grace and Frankie been renewed for season 7?

Netflix renewed Grace and Frankie for season 7 even before season 6 premiere on Jan 15, 2020. In a string of Tweets on Sep 4, 2019 it was revealed that season 7 would be the final season of the comedy series.

What is the production status?

According to, the filming for season 7 started on Jan 27, 2020. In March 2020, the production was put of halt due to the pandemic. While everyone was expecting the production to resume in Aug or Sep 2020, this didn’t turn out to be the case. Grace and Frankie season 7 suffered a long production delay probably due to the age of the lead actors.

The lead actor Jane Fonda revealed on her blog about the show’s future. She wrote that they’re currently planning to continue filming in early June 2021. She explained why the delay is so long, “A long time to wait but, given the age and vulnerability of the 4 leads, it’s best. I will be headed into 84 by the time we’re done. Yikes!”

How many episodes are in Grace and Frankie season 7?

All previous seasons of Grace & Frankie have had 13 episodes each. However, this will change in the upcoming season as it’s been confirmed that season 7 will have16 episodes. That means there will be 94 episodes in the series, which will be the most of any Netflix show ever.

Grace and Frankie season 7 release date

With filming for season 7 to start in June 2021, there is no chance that we will get the upcoming season in 2021. As season 7 has 16 episodes, we may see a split release. It means we may see Grace and Frankie season 7 split in to parts of 8 episodes each.

The last three seasons were dropped on Netflix in the month of January. Considering that the Netflix go ahead with the same release plan, expect season 7 to premiere in Jan 2022. We’ll see the first part of the season in Jan 2022, followed by the second part in the summer or fall of 2022.