Golmaal Again Vs Secret Superstar Box Office: Ajay Devgn's Film Takes A Huge Lead Over Aamir Khan's Secret Superstar
Golmaal Again Vs Secret Superstar Box Office

While everyone was expecting a big clash between Golmaal Again and Secret Superstar, the former has taken a huge lead. Secret Superstar was released on Thursday, a day prior to Golmaal Again. Let’s have a look at Golmaal Again Vs Secret Superstar Box Office collection.

Golmaal Again beats Secret Superstar

Secret Superstar recorded a slow start as it earned just 4.8 crores on Thursday. The movie witnessed huge growth on Friday and earned 9.3 crores. On its third day, the movie saw a drop of around 9% and earned 8.65 crores. After three days, the total collection of Secret Superstar stands at 22.75 crores. These numbers are good considering that it is a small budget movie. Still, the numbers are disappointing because the reviews are excellent and the word of mouth is super positive. The movie hasn’t really able to pick up because, the other release, Golmaal Again is just unstoppable.

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Golmaal Again has exceeded expectation

Golmaal Agan is having a dream run at the box office. The movie recorded the highest opening day of 2017 with the collection of 30.14 crores. On its second day, it remained rock solid to add another 28.37 crores to its account. After two days, the total collection of the movie stands at whopping 58.41 crores. There is no denying that Golmaal Again has exceeded expectations. Now, the movie is looking to enter the elite 100 crore club within 5 days of its release.

Golmaal Again Vs Secret Superstar: What went right for Ajay Devgn’s film

The big advantage for Golmaal Returns is it has a feel-good factor. Family audience is going gaga over this no logic comedy film and we are not complaining. During the Diwali festive season, people go to theatres to laugh and enjoy and Golmaal is certainly their best bet. Moreover, the name and success of the previous films are like an icing on the cake. The tremendous pre-release buzz has been converted into big box office numbers.

Secret Superstar is a niche film targeted primitively to the audience in metro cities. In top metros cities, it is doing fantastic business but in mass centres, Golmaal Again is the first choice. So, this has turned out a one-way battle so far. Ajay Devgn has taken a huge lead over Aamir Khan.

What are your views on this box office battle? Share your views with us in the comments section.

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