Sunny Deol's 'Ghayal Once Again' will finally be released by Reliance Entertainment on 5 Feb 2016
Sunny Deol's 'Ghayal Once Again'

Sunny Deol’s upcoming Ghayal Once Again release date delayed from 15th January to 5th February.

As reported earlier, Sunny Deol was struggling with the completion of the project as due to VFX(visual effects) nitty-gritty the movie was already delayed for few month as it was scheduled to be released in 2015. Now, as the curiosity of the fans grew large another hailstorm hits the schedule leading the viewers into despair. The movie hopefully will now release on 5th February instead of 15th January, only if no more hurdles pave Sunny’s way.

The reason is quite obvious, Sunny was too busy to get the project completed as it was already overdue and since he has hardly focussed on the promotion end the strings cannot be attached. These days Sunny is in a state of total topsy-turvy with so many changes in the scheduling of the movie.

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For past few years, Sunny hasn’t got much appreciation for the movies he contributed himself into so we can understand the turmoil he must be going through. Throughout all these times, Sunny Deol has faced certain trouble getting a lead female actor  for casting opposite him. In Sunny’s last film Singh Saab The Great (2014), his co-star was Urvashi Rautela who made her debut then as a newcomer. Ghayal Once Again will feature Soha Ali Khan opposite Sunny Deol. Now since Sunny has got a somewhat experienced actress in the film and with loads of action sequences, it may live up to the expectation of the viewers and maybe we will see the reliving moments of his earlier epic blockbuster Ghayal.

But amidst all the ruckus, Sunny Paji forgot about the promotion of the film, so the movie suffers the delay now, anyways, better late than never.

Sunny Deol is a very sober person, we don’t see him gripping much into controversies or in interviews or any large promotions for his earlier projects but this time its a different scenario because for past few years Sunny hasn’t given any hits and this project is indeed very close to him as it will be like reliving old memories from his old blockbuster hit Ghayal. Sunny was spotted earlier on the sets of Bigg Boss 9 hosted by none other than Salman Khan and also on Kapil Sharma‘s comedy show for initial promotions.

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Ghayal Once Again release date delayed
Sunny Deol and Salman Khan | Bigg Boss 9

Sunny Deol is the face of this action-drama film so he needs to promote it well before the release and I suppose this delay may prove fruitful for his film although too much delay at times destroys the curiosity. Well, with a delay of 3 weeks lets see if it could see a better sunshine.



  1. Its sad news that movie has been delayed, But for sunny depl i can wait for 3 more weeks, best of luck to ghayal once again team, thanks.


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