Ghayal Once Again Budget, Screen Count and Box Office Analysis
Sunny Deol In 'Ghayal Once Again'

Starring Sunny Deol, Soha Alia Khan and Om Puri, Ghayal Once Again will finally release tomorrow. Ghayal Once Again is a sequel to 90’s most successful action movie Ghayal‘ and will continue from where it left off. The movie is one of the most ambitious projects of Sunny Deol but the poor marketing and multiple delays have ruined the creditability. Let’s have a look at the Ghayal Once Again Budget, Screen Count and Box Office analysis.

Ghayal Once Again Screen Count

Ghayal Once Again will release on around 2500 screens across the country. In overseas, the movie is releasing on around 150 screens. Taking about the distribution of screens, 60% of screens will go to single screens and mass centers while other 40% will go to multiplexes.

Ghayal Once Again Budget

Ghayal Once Again is one of the most expensive projects of Sunny Deol. The production cost of the movie is around 28 crores while another 12 crores were spent on advertising and promotion. The total budget of the movie is 40 crores.

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Ghayal Once Again Box Office Analysis

Lifetime Collection < 40 crores (Flop)
Lifetime Collection > 50 crores (Average)
Lifetime Collection > 60 crores (Hit)
Lifetime Collection > 80 crores (Super Hit)
Lifetime Collection > 100 crores (Blockbuster)

The Box Office fate of ‘Ghayal Once Again’ is dependent on WOM. If the WOM turns out to be good then the movie has decent chance specially in small and mass centers. ‘Ghayal Once Again’ will struggle in multiplexes and metros. I expect the movie to collect around 6 crores on the opening day. The lifetime collection of the movie can’t go more than 50 crores unless the content turns out to be really good and entertaining.

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What are your expectations from ‘Ghayal Once Again’? Share your views and predictions with us in the comments section. Predict the opening day collection of ‘Ghayal Once Again’.