First Look of Anil Kapoor's 24-Season 2 is here!
Anil Kapoor in the first season of 24

You guys must definitely remember the Indian adaptation of the American TV Series ’24’ which starred Anil Kapoor, Tisca Chopra in the lead roles. 24 was the first official remake of an original US TV Series and I can proudly say that the Indian adaptation was just as bad-ass as the American show. The first season was aired in 2013 and we all have been waiting for the second season, especially after the nerve wrecking climax of the season 1. I’m sure those who have seen season 1 will understand.

So, the good news is that we finally have the first look of the second season. Hurrah!!

Anil Kapoor is happy with his 24 going into the second season, he feels more responsible now “Last time, people could not make much money. In the second season, I want everybody to make more money.”

The shoot was supposed to start from August 24 but was delayed due to some issues. One of the writers  Rensil D’Silva has said earlier that, “We start shooting in November so we probably start airing early next year, probably around January. Although we show 24 hours, we have to shoot footage of over 30 hours which is similar to making 10 films at a time. Then we edit it and present it. That takes a lot of time.”

How excited are you for the second season? Do tell us in the comments section.


  1. 24 Season 2 is an amazing show.. it’s something that Indian Television badly needs.. Very excited to know that it is out on DVDs as well..


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