Finding Fanny Poster featuring the lead starcast
Finding Fanny Poster

Finding Fanny Movie Review : Finding Fanny is funny, quirky and at the same time a movie with serious intention. It’s a delightful watch to say the least.

Finding Fanny is a serious in intention but humorous in manner comic journey, featuring five divergent characters i.e. a foggy lovey-dovey, a brawny painter, a middle-aged matrone, a nimble maiden, and a moody young fellow. It is an unlikely bunch, getting together for an unlikely reason, and that is the only reason which makes us fall in love with the characters and their quirks, as they wind their way towards their destination and discovery.

The plot of the movie revolves around above mentioned characters and is set in a village called Pocolim in Goa- ‘The paradise on Earth’ where life is slow and simple. Their needs are nominal and they live a so-called superannuated life. A juvenile widow Angie (Deepika Padukone) commit herself to help the old postman of the village Fredie (Naseruddin Shah) to find his long last love. He is desolated and daunted as it’s now, after 46 years he finds out that the love letter he wrote to the lady he loved actually never arrived to her.

The incredible cinematography makes the film almost like a poem of a passionate poet. The tiny goan village where the event takes place is lovely, its sun-speckled routes leading us to the cluttered abodes of Ferdie (Naseer) the postman, the recipient of the undelivered letter, of Rosie and Angie (Dimple and Deepika), the two ladies who live without their spouses in resigned companionship, and the garage run by Savio (Arjun Kapoor) which houses a run-down car.

Finding Fanny Movie Review - An entertaining watch
Deepika and Arjun in Finding Fanny

The journey to finding the long-lost love is like catching the flies on the wall, which starts with a short distance and ends for miles long way. Naseer’s performance is always enjoyable as he is as un-mannered and unburdened by tics as much he can, and at the same time as timorous as a young lover in the first flush.

Arjun Kapoor as not the never but a near-match has the right physicality for the role, and he makes the once and forever love to the dimpled Angie, who, in turn, respond to him with some answers!!

Deepika has given a relaxed performance full of maturity and poise, learning to put aside her gangly beauty to reach inside the soul of the character for something true and meaningful.

Dimple Kapadia: from her debut ‘Bobby’ to sharp ‘Rosie’ shows her act especially in a sequence towards the end where she fills the screen, but is bogged down by a dissatisfied curve to the mouth and her blatantly heavily padded plump posterior: yes, there are all kinds of fannies in the world.

Don pedro, the rubicund painter with a thing for over-sized booties (bootylisious as we can call), Pankaj Kapoor is mostly overdone flourish, rescuing his act with one great one, which is the gasp-inducing shocker of the film.

Adajania is back on the ground after his debut ‘Being Cyrus’ (However, Cocktail did not match the class, but we all know that to err is human and to forgive is audience J )

Finding Fanny Movie Review : Final Words

The recommendation has never been so easy as the movie is true to it’s type and enjoyable from the first scene to the last. A must watch and a good from ghisa pita masala cinema.


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