Disclaimer : This article is intended for audience above 25 years of age.

Be it a Bollywood star or a common man, everyone faces the turmoil of finding a perfect gift someday or the other. And when it comes to gifting men, that task at hand gets a bit more tricky.

So, recently while find a perfect gift for one of my friends, I had to give my options a good thought.  Remember, how Shahrukh khan gave Abhishek Bachchan Harley Davidson, Well that is just Bollywood. I can’t do it for obvious reasons when selecting gifts for Men

My options were restricted to Watches, T-Shirts, Loafers, Bags, Scotch, Pen, X-Box, Headphones, tool box. Check these ten gifts for him below:

Finding the right gift

The problem had just begun. especially if you do not visit the person regularly. An extra pair of headphones lying in his cupboard for eternity will not be a good use of your gift. So, I needed to find a gift which could be used, can bring a smile, can get a party going.

So, Was I able to find the perfect fit for my criteria? Yes, with Scotch as a gift, I was able to fulfil my expectations and also the one for whom it was intended. The best part, you get to taste your gift too.

The next time you face a similar problem, remember scotch before gifting an Adam.