Filhall Feat. Akshay Kumar Becomes Most Liked Indian Video On YouTube
Filhall feat. Akshay and Nupur

Filhall featuring Akshay Kumar and Nupur Sanon has become the most liked Indian music video on Youtube with more than 6 million likes.

Akshay Kumar is at the peak of his career. Everything he is touching is turning into gold. After four back to back super hits last year, Akshay Kumar’s debut music video Filhall has created a record on Youtube. Featuring superstar Akshay and Nupur Sanon, Filhall becomes the most liked Indian music video on Youtube. It already has 6 million likes. In fact, it is the only Indian video with 6 million likes.

With 590 million views, Filhall is among the most-watched Indian videos of Youtube. Akshay Kumar’s presence has made a big impact as the song is making waves on Youtube since its release. From music to singing to the story portrayed in the song, everything has been loved by the viewers. Crooned by composed by B Praak, the song features Akshay and Nupur as separated lovers. The feeling of being in love after break up is depicted in the song.

Filhall was an instant hit on Youtube. It received more than 15 million views on Youtube in 24 hours. It became the fastest Indian music video to reach 100 million views on YouTube. After the success of Filhall, Akshay Kumar announced its sequel on 23 Jan 2020.