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Shah Rukh Khan has truly gained the title of The King Of Bollywood through his hard work and dedication. The journey of a middle-class boy who lost his parents in his 20s to the World’s Biggest Movie Star has inspired billions around the world. Today SRK completes 25 years in the Bollywood Industry and we bring you Fifteen Shah Rukh Khan Quotes That Can Change Your Life.

Shah Rukh Khan Quotes

1. “Success is not a good teacher, failure makes you humble.”

2. “Success and failure are both parts of life. Both are not permanent.”

3. “Sometimes a lot of us men think we are doing everything for the woman we love, but there is an aspect of a woman a man doesn’t understand.”

4. “If you want to excel at something there shouldn’t be a single person around you who can claim to be more familiar with its mechanics than you are. ”

5. “I know it’s very idealistic and utopian, but I believe we need to just let everyone not be judged in terms of religion, groups or nations or region.”

6. “A moment will come when there isn’t anything that’s going right. But don’t panic. With a little embarrassment, you will survive it.”

7. “Sometimes when things are broken, the greatest creativity emanates from the fragments.”

8. “Everyone has their own way of expressing happiness.”

9. “Don’t become a philosopher before you become rich.”

10. “It’s okay to be confused. Confusion is the route to all the clarity in the world.”

11. “Art is more important than the artist. Have no attachment to your own art, it’s regressive, move on.”

12. “It is not necessary that the world will accept your creativity but don’t give up on it.”

13. “There’s no such thing as normal. Normal is just another word for lifeless.”

14. “Whatever you do in life do it like you are doing it for the first and the last time, and you’ll never get another chance.”

15. “Madness of a particularly nice or romantic kind is an absolute prerequisite to a happy and a successful life.”

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Shah Rukh Khan is a live example of how hard work can make you hero from zero if you are truly determined to live the life of your dreams and Shah Rukh Khan Quotes are truly life lessons one should not miss. Team Blog To Bollywood wishes the King Khan good health and more success in his life.


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