I feel bad: Arshad Warsi on being replaced by Akshay Kumar for Jolly LLB 2
Akshay Kumar has replaced Arshad Warsi in Jolly LLB 2

Jolly LLB tickled the audience’s funny bones and naturally, the maker decided to make the sequel. However, Akshay Kumar replaced Arshad Warsi as a lawyer in the movie. “I feel bad that I am not doing the film. It will be stupid of me to say I don’t feel bad. However, it doesn’t really bother me. That is the truth, and when you accept the reality, life becomes easier. It becomes a problem only when you fight the reality. The film’s makers needed a star, and it’s as simple as that” says Arshad.

Interestingly, the actor admits that when there is a star in a film, “life becomes very simple” for the makers. “Also, the chances of success, the money recovery, the promotions, and everything else become a cakewalk. If I direct a film, I will also want a star in it. I won’t cast myself so that my life becomes easy. That’s how it is — pure business. And that’s absolutely fine” he says.

Arshad adds that the “only thing that matters is the box office collection”. It doesn’t have anything to do with me doing a good job, and being a good actor or a good human being. That is absolutely of no consequence. If I don’t rake in at the box office, that’s the end of the story. I am fortunate enough that despite all of that, I am going on and on in my career. I should not be cribbing” he says.

When asked if Arshad feels Jolly LLB is one of his best performances, he replies – “Till date, I have never felt that I have done a great job in any film. I just did what the director had in mind. In fact, I used to keep telling my director that an actor can only be as good as the director allows him to be,” says Arshad, who will next be seen in Aankhen 2 and Golmaal 4.

Also, rumours are rife that Arshad could have a special appearance in the sequel. The actor says, “I don’t know. To say the truth, I can’t even blame the makers or Subhash because when one watches the film, one will realise why I am not in it. One will see the reason why Boman Irani is also not in the film. There is a little twist in the tale, which one can only understand after watching the movie.”