Exclusive: Nawazuddin Siddiqui Said That He Was Framed For The Assault Case
Nawazuddin Siddiqui

Nawazuddin Siddiqui said that he was framed for the Assault Case as he was an easy target.

Actor Nawazuddin Siddiqui who was accused of assaulting a woman over parking row in a society claimed his innocence and finally opened up about it. At the time of the controversy, the actor decided not to speak about it but in a recent media interaction, Nawazuddin shared his side of the story and told how the whole episode was planned.

He said:
“I would want to thank you all. I was busy shooting for Raees. I only want to clarify. It was an unfortunate incident. Doing films makes me happy. I didn’t know something like this can happen. It happened for the first time. I have a wife, kid and mother so I know how to respect females. The incident was planned. Many people had seen the video and if you see it, you will realize that I was provoked.” He further added, “I was in the washroom. When I came out her (the woman who accused Nawaz) was there. I saw a girl making a video. The first reaction would be why she is making my video? In the start, someone says zoom karo. It was pre-planned. She said don’t touch, which wasn’t the case because I was standing far away. I had my doubts that something is fishy. Later, I came to know from Twitter that there was an FIR filed. Other things related to parking and all, we have proofs. We have the papers and I am paying for it. I have given money to the beautification of the society.”

He added that the notice that was shown on TV, there was no sign on it, “I do not know the girl. She doesn’t stay in the society. As for the case, it is going on. I am holding this conference because I do not want any negativity around me. I want support from industry only because I am right. Otherwise, I don’t want any support. I was an easy target and hence things have happened with me.”

“I want whatever happened to me shouldn’t happen to anyone else. I will fight till the end. I don’t want anyone else to suffer. We have got support from police. I didn’t go because they called. I went saamne se. I won’t take any action or file any defamation. I just want the truth to come out.” Nawazuddin added further.

The actor believed that the entire episode might have happened for ‘Publicity Stunt’ and Nawazuddin’s Lawyer who was also present at the conference said, “There are SC judgments that such matters first need an inquiry. Even in dowry cases, an inquiry has to be there because people are misusing this law. We haven’t taken bail because there is nothing in this case. Taking bail means we are guilty which we are not. FIR we had filed first. But the society members also filed. But since our timing was before them and hence no counter FIR was required. The complaint was filed first and the video was shot later. We have many videos but we haven’t circulated.”

Currently, Nawaz is shooting with Shahrukh Khan for Raees, said, “I have spoken something about this to SRK since I am shooting with him for Raees. No, this incident hasn’t affected my movie. I just didn’t want negativity hence called media.”

Directed by Rahul Dholakia, Raees is slated to release on this Eid 2016.