Shraddha and Siddharth Ek Villain
Shraddha and Siddharth Ek Villain

If you have seen Aashiqui 2, you know what stooping levels Mohit’s direction is capable of. However and if you have seen Murder 2, it must have made you wonder for once like’dude, thik thak movie bana leta hai ye’. Here, he is bang in the middle of the two extremes. This film will be unbearable to a very good number of people and still there will be a huge number that will watch it twice. Of course, you being the modern social media freak, US tv show fan, 1TB HDD owner wouldn’t like it a bit.

Basically, a love story told in a very convoluted and supposedly different manner, it could have been a master stroke of a treatment if handled with a little no-frills approach but unfortunately enough, and quite expectedly for anyone who worships the AKFPL league of cinema, this one becomes a subject of unintentional humor for the cinema audience. Yes, given the insanely brilliant music(I personally chose to shut my eyes and enjoy the songs more than one instance) and the quite up to the mark promos, this must be termed a feat to create a debacle of this scale. However, again, just go back a year to Aashiqui 2 and you would be like “I knew it! I know what Suri saab is capable of-yes, a hundred crore collecting mellifluous dud”.

Ek Villain Movie Review - Mohit Suri is your Villain
Ek Villain Movie Review – Mohit Suri is your Villain

All that said, I would still like to defend the film a bit, being the Bollywood crazy I am. All these classic love stories be it Serendipity werendipity ya woh 50 first dates, wouldn’t all these take cinematic liberties at will? So does EK Villain and thus in abundance does the film make you crib and laugh at moments that are supposed to get you teary eyed.

The cast had roles all well sketched, still be it the actors or the director himself who might be at fault, the characters eventually fall flat and you carry no remorse for their plight whatsoever.

For the music and time pass, this is an okay outing. 3 stars. The moment you start using your brains, you shall regret it like nothing. 2 stars.

So there goes the rating depending on how you want to see the film. As a filmy hero or as a critic, the villain!