Ek Tha Tiger Poster
Ek Tha Tiger Poster

Ek Tha Tiger Movie Review. Bullets in Spine ? That is what you get when stakes in expectations are high. Previous Releases on Eid Wanted, Dabangg and Bodygaurd are to be blamed if this happens to you.Yet another Bollywood movie that wants to create an Indian James Bond .Was Agent vinod not enuf to ruin our lives that Tiger and Zoya are here to recreate the same magic ?

The movie starts off with an unexpectedly boring first half where the intention was to show love blossoming between an ISI agent(Zoya) and RAW agent (Tiger). The style mantra couldnt compete with magical ‘sallu bhai’ andaz or wasnt even inthe reverse direction of making a realistic genuine impression.However Katrina looks good specially while saying ‘tangri Kebabs’ .

Cut out two or three shots first half caries nothing to be gained.It tried to make us move in veer-zara mode but shattered .
The Second half tried to get into another fav bollywood theme ‘suspense and thriller’ but it opened the cards of suspense in not more than 10-12 mins.  Com’on Makers ? let us be confused by what might happen next.We want to feel something . Why does the story gets flat where it could have picked up for a better and much better built for climax.The driving zeal in this half of movie was to see how after runing away from ISI & Raw tiger and zoya would survive ? Maybe some good or extra ordinary fighting sequences would come in near end of movie , Alas ! another ‘but’ . There are some good fight sequences  but we have seen better of that in  Salman’s earlier ones. The one in which Salman  jumps into hellicopter taking off grounds from a driving bike in an exceptional one.

Maybe after Wanted,Dabangg and Bodygaurd ,Ek tha tiger is over criticized by us by its really difficult to say that Ek tha tiger will connect to the audience audience by its machismo.
What’s good and What’s Bad


Salman 3.5/5 (He has tried something new and it is to be appreciated).May be we are too used to Dabanng and Bodyguard type.

Katrina 3.5/5 (She looked as beautiful as ever, and the actress is surely gaining acting skills with time).

Story and Direction:2.5/5

Story is good and has substantial twist and turns of being a good thriller but is not backed by a good direction. It doesn’t seems to be a Kabir Khan movie, Aditya Chopra has played his role in direction.

Cinematography: 4/5

Ravi K Chandran  has done a great job capturing the beautiful locations from Derbin, Istanbul and Cuba.It is one of the positives of the movie.

Action sequences: 3.5/5

Some action sequences are great, but you will  miss madrasi style. katrina looks good attempting action sequences.

Music: 3/5

Music has already created a lot of Buzz, its goes well with ears but don’t have any chartbusters like salman’s earlier movies.

Final word:

Tiger will not be your next Chulbul pandey or Lovely Singh . If you like Salman as a desi guys this one can be missed. Katrina shows some potential as an actresses and a performer. As already said ,Won’t fit in your boots of high expectation ,so if you are planning for this one Go clean slate 🙂

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