Don 3 will retain the original cast, no Jacqueline Fernandez in it!
Don 3 will retain the original cast, no Jacqueline Fernandez in it!

Resting all rumors aside, if and when it is made, Don 3 will retain the original cast.

Many rumors have flying around about the third sequel of Don, especially about the cast of the movie. Some claimed that Priyanka Chopra had been replaced by Jacqueline Fernandez, who will be seen opposite Shah Rukh Khan. But, now we hear that Don 3 will retain the original cast!

A source close to talkingMoviez claims “If and when Don 3 is made, the film will retain the original cast. At the moment, Shah Rukh has announced his choc-a-bloc slate which includes three big-ticket films, while Priyanka will be busy with the second season of Quantico and also start work on her next Hindi film. The makers are befuddled over the rumors, especially since Farhan Akhtar, who directed the first two parts, is busy with his acting commitments. Given these reasons, it does look like the film will take time to materialize and there are no immediate plans to roll out Don 3. So, speculation surrounding the star cast have no basis.”

There is only one ‘Junglee Billi’ in all of Bollywood and that is Priyanka Chopra! She will not and can not be replaced!

Are you happy to hear this news?


  1. She cannot be replaced. Junglee Billi has reached icon status thanks to both SRK/PC acting skills portraying darkness and light. No explosive duo comparable to SRKPC.


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