Dilwale Vs Bajirao Mastani Screen War: Bajirao grabs 90% Single screens, Dilwale responds well
It is a battle of lifetime on 18th december when two biggies will fight at box office

Dilwale Vs Bajirao Mastani Screen War: Shahrukh Khan’s Dilwale takes the lead

The battle for screen count has just begun and it is getting nastier. Yes, the biggest weekend for 2015 is on the verge and we have received reports on domestic screen count fight turning ugly. While, Dilwale was bound to take lead being a bigger brand, Bajirao Mastani has not been behind.

Eros International at the time of Tanu Weds Manu made a contract deal with singleplex owners that when Bajirao Mastani will release, they are bound to release it. As a result, we have single screens pre-booked by Bajirao Mastani. Good Job Eros, you just scored 1 point in this screen count battle.

How can Shahrukh Khan’s Dilwale stay behind, PVR Cinemas enjoy a good reputation among all multiplex owners in India! PVR has reportedly convinced all multiplex owners to provide a major share of screen counts to Dilwale. Now that just makes Team Dilwale level the battle scores.

While, Dilwale will enjoy more than 60% of multiplex screens, Bajirao Mastani is estimated to get something under 30%. Sanjay Leela Bhansali and Eros are trying their best to get more screens in multiplexes because most of the revenue is generated from Multiplexes. As a result, of this fight with multiplexes, advance booking of Bajirao Mastani has not yet opened for the audience. Meanwhile, Dilwale has received a phenomenal response in advance booking.

For the Singleplex, reportedly 90% is taken by Bajirao Mastani, but due to low revenue from single screens, Dilwale suffers less in this war of screen counts.

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What are your thoughts? Who will win this battle, participate in Bollywood’s biggest clash of the year by predicting the opening day collection of Bajirao Mastani and Dilwale in this poll.