Dilwale Box Office Prediction | All Set For A Big Box Office Opening for SRK and Kajol
SRK and Kajol in Dilwale

Dilwale Box Office Prediction – Shahrukh Khan and Kajol starer Dilwale all set for a big opening day at the Box Office on Friday.

Rohit Shetty’s Dilwale is all set to hit the theaters tomorrow. Marking the comeback of magical Jodi of SRK-Kajol, Dilwale is the most awaited movies of 2015. The expectations from the movie are sky high. Dilwale’s Box Office Collection will depend on how Dilwale and Bajirao Mastani both perform on the Silver Screen. Let’s have a look at Dilwale Box Office prediction.

Dilwale Box Office Prediction | Hype and Buzz
The buzz surrounding the movie is tremendous, and the advance booking reports certainly prove that. Fans are excited to see SRK and Kajol’s magical Jodi on the big screen. The trailer, songs have received a superb response from the audience. It seems that fans are dying to watch Dilwale on the big screen.

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Dilwale Box Office Prediction | Positives and Negatives
Positives with Dilwale
1) Evergreen Jodi of SRK-Kajol
2) Rohit Shetty’s track record.
3) Christmas holiday season.

Negatives with Dilwale
1) Competition with Bajirao Mastani
2) The content of the movie needs to be good if it has to make it to the blockbusters list. Something like Happy New Year will no be tolerated at all.

Dilwale Prediction | Opening day and Lifetime collections
Considering all the above points, I expect Dilwale to collect around 24 crores on its opening day despite its clash with Bajirao Mastani. Dilwale will surely enjoy a big opening weekend and after that, it will be a WOM affair.
Dilwale should become highest grosser for Shahrukh Khan unless the content turns out to be penniless. Bajirao Mastani performance will also be an important factor in deciding the lifetime collection of Dilwale.

If Dilwale WOM turns out to be good
Dilwale first day collection: 24 to 25 crores
Dilwale first weekend collection: 72 to 75 crores
Dilwale first week collection: 140 to 145 crores
Dilwale lifetime collection: 260 to 270 crores
Verdict: Blockbuster

If Dilwale WOM turns out to be mixed
Dilwale first day collection: 24 to 25 crores
Dilwale first weekend collection: 68 to 70 crores
Dilwale first week collection: 130 to 135 crores
Dilwale lifetime collection: 220 to 230 crores
Verdict: Superhit

If Dilwale WOM turns out to be poor
Dilwale first day collection: 24 to 25 crores
Dilwale first weekend collection: 60 to 62 crores
Dilwale first week collection: 100 to 105 crores
Dilwale lifetime collection: 170 to 180 crores
Verdict: Hit

What are your expectations from Dilwale? Share your views and predictions with us in the comments section.

Predict the opening day collection of Dilwale.


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