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Dhoom 3 Sixth Day Collections | Box Office Collections (6 Days total)

Dhoom 3 first look movie poster
Dhoom 3 first look movie poster

Dhoom 3 Sixth Day Collections

Dhoom 3 Sixth day collections were as expected. Four years back on this very day 3 Idiots celebrated Christmas in a memorable fashion and today Dhoom 3 with a magnificent collection pays tribute to Aamir Khan’s success.

Dhoom 3 was in its 6th day today. Since everyone was in a festive mood today with no offices and college, the footfall for Dhoom 3 were way above the normal weekday numbers. The number game also takes another turn reaching 150 Crores figure. To take a recap on few factors that worked in Dhoom 3’s favour are : Good anticipation buildups, Good Critic Reviews, Amazing Audience response, 4500+ Screen Count.

It has been truly a Dhoom day this Christmas. I was exploring nearby mall and found people talking about Aamir’s performance and their words were proof of the satisfaction which Dhoom 3 gave them. Dhoom 3 has been successful with the masses and this is really appreciable.The movie also received positive reviews from Critics and our team(Dhoom 3 Movie Review). Lets have a look at the collection figures for Dhoom 3 so far.

Dhoom 3 Sixth Day Collections

Dhoom 3 Sixth day collections were as follows

  • Dhoom 3 Sixth Day Collection : 25 Crores

Dhoom 3 Six Day Overall Collections

[box title=”Dhoom 3 Six Days Collections” style=”noise” box_color=”#a76c47″ radius=”5″]
  • First Day (Friday) : 36 Crores
  • Second Day (Saturday) : 33 Crores
  • Third Day (Sunday) : 38 Crores
  • Fourth Day (Monday) : 20 Crores
  • Fifth Day (Tuesday) : 20 Crores
  • Sixth Day (Wednesday) : 25 Crores
  • Overall total Collections : 172 Crores
Katrina in Dhoom 3
Katrina in Dhoom 3

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  1. Dhoom 3 ???? Another social irresponsible movie portraying women as item numbers from bollywood? day by day my views on girls from north turns very blue, after the seeing the girls (always 100 percent item girls) from bollywood movies. I wonder how all these bollywood directors treat the women from their own families.

  2. Yaaro king khan KE film me Rona or dhona aur hai kya.. Ye to bhala ho dipika KA jiski wajah SE Chennai chalgai…aur baccha kaise chore karta hai wo dekhne KI baat hai OK

  3. Dost sach yah hai ki 3 idiots k aage chennai express kuch bhi nahi h………. us movie ne only 1500 screen pe 202 crore gross kiye the………….. SRK k fans ko to iski bhi parwah karni chahiye. 3 idiots 4500 screens pe aaj release hoti to socho kya hota. 3 idiots ka total domestic 1st weekend ka 5 times hai. Jis din kisi bollywood movie ne 1st weekend ka 5 times crose kiya to hi 3 idiots ka record break hoga yani dhoom 3 and Chennai express k liye 500 crore INR domestic collection.

  4. bhai chennai express bhi faltu hi thi…………or dhoom 3 much better than chennai express or kyu bhool gaye ki jab tak hai jaan ne son of sardar ke liye koi screen nahi chhoda tha……..tab wo kya fair tha ki ye unfair hai……………..Dhoom-3 rocks……..srk ka bp badh gaya hoga…..looser……..shahrukh hakla khan

  5. ab shahrukh khan ko amir khan se acting sekhni chahiye kyn ki ab shahrukh khan me wo pahle jaise bat nhi rhi yaro shahrukh khan ki movie ab bakwas lagti hai ab shahrukh khan ko bollywood se retiered ho jana chahiye jo amir khan ko bura kaha hai duniya me usse bda pagal nhi hai ,,,,,amir khan acting me shahrukh khan ka baab ,,,,,

  6. Agar bachha chori karte huye acha nahin lagega to kya chor CE karte huye achhaa lagega ?
    Pardon me. But whatever it is Viewers are good enough. And they believe in NUMBER game and BIG BLASTS. That time CE was a BLAST and now D3 is BOMB BLAST.

  7. Kagan Raja Bose aur kahan Gangu Teli…. Aamir is just awesome. He is really Mr. Perfectionist. Two characters both you identify even though they are silent….

  8. Sahi mein yaar! CE aisi bakwas lagi mujhe, meinto socha tha ki 100 Cr bhi nahi kamayegi, par Indian audiences ko manna hi padega yaar. Jaisi-taisi film ko bhi Hit karwa dete hein!

  9. really guys dhoom 3 is best aur rhi bt chennai express ki voh movie toh adhi se jayda smajh he nhi ati h aamir is THE BEST

  10. I watch Dhoom 3 yesterday … my sincere review which i feel ::::::; A movie to watch just and just for Aamir Khan … the movie could have been much better, some editing scenes were also not good, in between while watching movie i felt ooo Ghajani was much better than this, the things which would have been done to make this one better::: 1. the first Abhishek bachan auto stunt was real nonsense.. it should be completely removed.
    2. Aamir should have shown some more of Circus, and everything else is perfect with few better editing.

    I wont like to compare Aamir khan’s movie with anyone else, its obvious, but i felt like comparing Ghajani with Dhoom 3 i will keep Ghajani way above Dhoom 3.

  11. itna kyu jal rahe ho…………… amir is best than shahrukh always,,,,,,,,,,,there is nthing to see in chennai xpress ,,,,,,,,,, full of overacting………… u cant compare it with dhoom 3 and 3 idiots,…………….

  12. yaar chennai express eid ko release hui thi 33 cr. ka buisiness kiya ,but DHOOM 3 working day ko release hui thi 36 cr. ka buisinees kiya. Yeh aamir ka dum h.

  13. Dhoom 3 aur Chennai express me kyo cmpr krte ho. [bad word moderated] movi thi ce aur dhoom 3 non holiday release hui thi Chennai national holidays pe release hui thi……….. dhoom is the best…..

  14. Yaar tum to senti ho gye… King Khan ke real fan lagte ho.. I know Dhoom 3 me as such kucch nahi hai.. But man this is how Bollywood movies go..

  15. yaar dhoom-3 ke paas screens zyda hai,4500,chennai express 3500,,,,aur chennai express se kisi ne bhi 216 crore ki umeed nahi ki thi sab ne kaha tha ki 100 ya 120 crore kamayegi chennai express,but this is the power of king khan,aamir ki dhoom-3 sequel hai,lekin agar such kaha jaaye to dhoom series ki sabse best dhoom thi dhoom-2,,,,jisme hrithik ke uper role achcha bhi laga tha,,,,but yaar aap sab socho kya amir khan kahin se bhi chor laga hai,yaaar woh to bachcha lag raha tha,,,,,aur kya bachcha chori karte waqt achcha lagta hai kya,,,,,,aur katrina movie me kya karne ke liye thi ye samajh me nahi aaya,,,,agar dil se socho to dhoom-3 aur chennai express me achchi movie kaun si hai to samajh me aajayega,,,

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