Virat Showed His DelhiWala Swag At Rohit Sharma's Sangeet Party
Virat Kohli

Watching anyone do bhangra is a treat in itself but what if that anyone is none other than the dashing cricketer Virat Kohli. Yes, the handsome Indian player was a complete show stealer with his maverick bhangra moves during fellow cricketer Rohit Sharma’s wedding.

It seems like Virat is stealing the thunder from Rohit Sharma. Whether it is in the cricket ground or on Rohit’s marriage ceremony. The dance performance of Virat has gone viral on the internet. I am sure Rohit was not expecting this, but we all know Virat always does what we do not expect. Once Virat got up on the stage, he set the stage on fire. All his Punjabi genes were active and we gave an amazing performance. Soon after SonakshiSHinha joined on the stage with Virat to move their legs on the song “Saree ki Falls Se”.

Although this is not the first time we have seen Virat dancing, whether in the RCB’s dressing room or Friends marriage, he is always up for a Bhangra. This youth icon pulled off some great dance moves, which has made the clips go viral on the internet. Everyone is talking about it. The young batsman was in his white kurta pajama, which made him look even nice. It is good to see the Bollywood side of these players once in a while. We have all seen them celebrating in the field, but seeing them dancing on stage is something to watch.

SRK once made Kohli dance with Anushka’s picture, and now after the breakup Virat still seems in his mood. Sonakshi quite enjoyed dancing with Virat, she was teaching the young player some moves, while he in turn showed her some of his signature moves.

As there is no stopping to Virat Kohli, we should all let the limelight be on Rohit Sharma for a while.