Deepika Padukone in Vogue Women Empowerment Video
Deepika Padukone in Vogue Women Empowerment Video

Deepika Padukone emerged as a new controversy queen of Bollywood in last year or so. First TOI cleavage controversy, then AIB roast and finally we have Vogue Women Empowerment Video.

Looks like Bollywood Diva – Deepika Padukone is controversy’s favorite child. Whatever she does, whether fight for herself or send a message to the nation about women empowerment she is being targeted on all of the social media’s very ruthlessly.

Let us have a look at the controversies of Miss Padukone and also we will put our point on why Deepika Padukone isn’t wrong all the time.

  • The TOI cleavage controversy: Leading daily Times of India was last year being attacked for their sensitive post showing zooming into Deepika’s cleavage on one of her appearance videos.

Deepika immediately took action against TOI and tweeted:

YES!I am a WomanI have breasts AND a cleavage! You got a problem??

Our Point: It was truly offensive and shameless of TOI to zoom into a women’s cleavage and make it a headline for hits on their website. There are so many other things to be made headline and they found this news-worthy?

  • AIB Roast: Deepika Padukone attended the much talked about AIB Roast to watch friends Arjun Kapoor and Ranveer Singh. Although there were many other celebs present, Deepika was targeted the most for ‘Laughing’ on the adult jokes at the show.

Our Point: Is laughing a crime? No, it isn’t. Even the most people sitting at home, watching the roast video were laughing. Why is Deepika again targeted here? Just because she took a stand on her ‘Cleavage controversy?’

What we don’t notice here is, TOI posted the article on Deepika’s cleavage WITHOUT her consent. The AIB roast jokes made on Deepika and Ranveer were made WITH their consent. Why make it a controversy now?

Our Point: Deepika is a face of Vogue Eyewear in India and hence she was chosen to be in the part of the video. The points are entirely of the scriptwriter which has been voiced by Deepika and not of her own! There are other celebs who are the part of the video as well, but nobody seems to be taking on them. Do we have the answers for the same and I really don’t understand why can’t an actress who does item songs be a part of such videos. I would also like to know that if we are to talk about sex and sexuality, what sort of woman should be the spokesperson?

What do you think guys? Is Deepika being targeted unnecessarily? let us know your thoughts!